#43: Powerful Strategies For Summer Weight Loss
Hello Body Freedom
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Hello Body Freedom
#43: Powerful Strategies For Summer Weight Loss
Jun 07, 2024 Season 1 Episode 43
Audra Baker

In today’s episode, I invite you to my Summer Meltdown Workshop, a live and interactive event designed to help you enjoy summer activities like pools, parties, and vacations without sabotaging your weight loss goals. We will discuss strategies for balancing, having fun, and staying on track with your health journey. 

In this workshop, I’ll cover: 

✔️ Why a healthy mindset is a powerful tool you need to master. 

✔️ How to improve your behavior around your food choices. 

✔️ Emotional regulation strategies to help you make the most of summer while moving toward your weight loss goals. 

Register for free at hellobodyfreedom.com/summermeltdown and join us live on June 11th for a unique opportunity to connect with others on the same journey.

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00:45 Overcoming Summer Challenges

01:43 Workshop Details and Registration

02:52 Strategies for a Balanced Summer

04:22 Mindset and Emotional Regulation

08:54 Future Self Activation