Imperfect Parenting

Stephanie Haynes Gets us thinking, “Is College Mandatory?”

June 15, 2022 Ariel Andersson/Stephanie Haynes Episode 216
Imperfect Parenting
Stephanie Haynes Gets us thinking, “Is College Mandatory?”
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Show Notes

What happens after graduation?  SUCH a big question we well dive into today with Stephanie Haynes, author, parent and so much more!

Remember the Instagram Live Stephanie and I had on “Parent Burnout” a couple months ago?

Well, it’s time you see what else Stephanie’s been up to:

Stephanie Wrote an incredible book:

College is not mandatory. A Parents Guide to Navigating the Options Available To Our Kids After High School.

Soooo good.  Her book talks about other options in a way that really lays it out there for both parents and students.

What an important topic!

As the world has shifted, and even finances.. people are questioning next steps..

This book takes you on that journey and beyond.

Stephanie Haynes Info:

Stephanie Haynes, ACC

Education Coach and Consultant, Stephanie Haynes Coaching and Consulting

ICF Certified 2020

PCCI Certified 2021

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Most parents and educators aren't sure how to help teens figure out their next steps after high school. College Is Not Mandatory gives parents and educators the tools to introduce and discuss the available options so their teen can step confidently into their future. 

Check out the book today!


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