Imperfect Parenting

Do you dare home school? With Heather Torres

July 08, 2020 Ariel Andersson/Heather Torres Episode 111
Imperfect Parenting
Do you dare home school? With Heather Torres
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Show Notes

Ready for part 1 with Heather Torres?

What do you first think of when I say, "home school"!  Yep, me too.  Heather too, before she fully did her dive into lifestyle change! 

But, what if this is the best option going forward?  What if you want your life to look and feel different than it has in the past.

How have you felt the past months where you had to somehow keep up with your kid's schoolwork, from a distance, through the school, their way, their style.

With all the madness of the world, the question of the year is..”are you ready to send your kids back to school?!”  What if there was another option that felt more doable?

Or, do you continue the homeschooling nightmare of the end of last year? Oh, the agony!

On this podcast episode, Heather Torres changes my mind about what having kids learn at home really means and tells us about some unexpected bonuses out there to support your home education journey, that I would never have known were out there!

And, best of all.. she enlightens us about “Home Education” vs “Home school” and that you are probably already doing that is educating your kids on a daily basis!

NEXT WEEK:  Part 2 with Heather talking about how you can "integrate all parts of your life" together to have that life you dream of!

Who is Heather Torres?
Heather Torres is the COO of Think Media and a working homeschool mom. Her passion is helping leaders build their influence and profits with YouTube and online video. Along with running Think Media, Heather hosts a weekly show focused on motherhood, productivity, and being a female entrepreneur.

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