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Mike Sellers on super-powered mental models & the bright future of AR gaming
September 01, 2016 Amy Jo Kim
Mike Sellers is a pioneering social game designer turned academic. Long before World of Warcraft was a world-wide hit, Mike & his merry crew of innovators - including John Hanke, the driving force behind Pokemon Go - created Meridian 59, the first graphical MMO - or massively multiplayer online game. Since then Mike has worked on many games for companies like Electronic Arts and Kabam - and is now a professor of game design at Indiana University. Like many of our Getting2Alpha guests, Mike has a deep & longstanding fascination with human psychology and social systems - and a LOT of experience wrestling with the challenges of bringing new ideas to life. Mike is one of my favorite people in gaming - he’s a deeply insightful and innovative thinker, with as astonishing breadth of knowledge. In this interview, you'll learn what Mike thinks about early MMOs, super-powered mental models, and the pervasive future of Augmented Reality gaming.
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