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Mimi Ito on Minecraft and progressive learning
March 09, 2016 Amy Jo Kim
Today we’re talking with Mimi Ito - an educator and anthropologist turned startup founder. Mimi & her co-founders run an innovative education startup that offers summer camps, after school programs and coding classes on custom Minecraft servers. My daughter attended a Connected Camp last summer - and it was a transformational experience for her, and frankly for me as well. Mimi has a gift for understanding how kids adopt and use new technologies - she’s written many influential books and papers on this topic, and she’s now turning her considerable talents towards building real products. I’ve known and admired Mimi for many years, and I'm thrilled to share with her deep insights about progressive education with you. Listen in and learn how Mimi bridges the gap between research & practice, and where her innovative startup is heading next.
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