You, me & the UPC

Ep 2: UPC Basics - Part 2

July 27, 2023 Bristows LLP Episode 2
You, me & the UPC
Ep 2: UPC Basics - Part 2
Show Notes

In our second episode of You, me & the UPC, our patent litigation experts, Charlie French and Naomi Hazenberg, provide further insights and early figures for the new UPC system, which opened its doors on 1 June 2023.

They explore:

  • The different courts of the UPC: local and regional divisions, the Central Division and the Court of Appeal.
  • The role of Milan in the re-formed Central Division.
  • UPC judges and language of proceedings.
  • The first cases – where they were filed and what we know so far.

Note: It was announced on 22 July 2023, shortly after this episode was recorded, that AutoStore and Ocado had reached a global settlement of their patent litigation claims. It is therefore expected that the UPC proceedings between Ocado and AutoStore that are referred to in this episode will now be withdrawn.

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