You, me & the UPC

Ep 3: UPC Jurisdiction

September 27, 2023 Bristows LLP Episode 3
You, me & the UPC
Ep 3: UPC Jurisdiction
Show Notes

In our third episode of You, me & the UPC, our patent litigation experts, Naomi Hazenberg, Charlie French and Gregory Bacon, discuss the jurisdiction provisions of the UPC Agreement and the question of long-arm jurisdiction beyond UPC territories.

 They explore:

  •  Which cases can be brought in the UPC?
  • Does a patentee have to bring a claim for infringement in all territories?
  • Why are there different divisions? Which division(s) will have jurisdiction in each case? Is the scope of relief different in the various divisions?
  • Can UPC decisions take effect outside the UPC? What are the consequences for any long-arm jurisdiction?

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