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Bringing Negotiations to Collections

May 27, 2021 ACA International
ACA Cast
Bringing Negotiations to Collections
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how a hostage negotiator would handle a tough collection or sales call or how they would tell you to negotiate a tough conversation with your significant other? Did you know there is such thing as a negotiations coach?  

Listen to this episode of ACA Cast featuring Dan Oblinger and Allan Tsang to find out how these negotiation skills can apply to collections.

Oblinger and Tsang specialize in consulting on negotiations and coaching companies in negotiations.

They shared their experiences with negotiations across multiple industries and best practices for how to be more focused on developing negotiations as a skill. 

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  • Oblinger is the author of two books: “Life or Death Listening” and “The 28 Laws of Listening” and was recently a guest on the Negotiations Ninja podcast.
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