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01: Why Inside Design? With Jane Ledger and Sarah Maxwell

July 27, 2023 Jane Ledger Season 1 Episode 1
Inside Design
01: Why Inside Design? With Jane Ledger and Sarah Maxwell
Show Notes

Welcome to Inside Design! 

Meet our host, Jane Ledger, a powerhouse in the interior design industry. With a diverse background in law, marketing and HR, Jane's journey led her to follow her creative passion. She achieved High Commendation at the International School of Colour & Design, marking a new chapter in her life. 

As the founder of Jane Ledger Interiors, she has built a loyal client base specialising in high-end residential interiors. Jane is known as a leading voice in the industry and an advocate for Australian design and the design profession as a whole.

Her exceptional expertise and fresh perspective will inspire you as we explore her fascinating journey and uncover the driving forces behind her success.

In this conversation, Chatta-Box Media’s Sarah Maxwell and Jane discuss:

  • How Jane’s prior skills in law, marketing and management complemented her path to interior design.
  • Jane shares her life’s personal  journey thus far and how those experiences have shaped who she is today personally and professionally. 
  • Future Inside Design podcasts are explored, highlighting the guests and subjects that will be covered through the series.
  • Jane shares her dream outcome for the podcast and describes the impact she hopes to achieve through the show.

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