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10: What makes a dream client? With Jane Ledger

October 30, 2023 Jane Ledger
Inside Design
10: What makes a dream client? With Jane Ledger
Show Notes

There are things that every successful project has in common.  While each project is different and all clients come with their unique personality and objectives, looking back over past projects, Jane has discovered that her dream clients all have 5 traits in common. She spills the secrets on what they are in today’s episode: 

  • They engage her as a professional. They are usually running businesses or delivering business services themselves so know the power of engaging a professional with expertise they don’t have. Dream clients also want to assemble a team of affiliated, like-minded professionals at the same time, eg architect/building designer, interior designer and landscape designer
  • They engage Jane from the very start of the project. This has 2 advantages - she has plenty of notice and can schedule them into her project schedule. And, she is part of the overall vision for the home and early briefing stages of the project. Any challenges or issues that come up during the project are resolved quicker and more easily because the team is aligned and has been in it from the beginning
  • They want the whole thing done. Jane can make the biggest impact when delivering a start to finish outcome, from concept development, to the interior drawings and documentation set, fixtures and finishes specification through to furnishing selections and styling
  • They value quality and longevity in selections, product and furnishings. They are open-minded, curious and a little bit adventurous when presented with new finishes or ideas.
  • And here’s the surprise trait - they pay Jane for her professional fees on time, every time and always ask for her invoices. Wow! What a game changer that has been

Thanks to Jason from Made Furniture for being the inspiration behind this episode!

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