Construction Marketers

5 Construction CEO Social Media Ideas

February 26, 2024 Jonathan Cor
Construction Marketers
5 Construction CEO Social Media Ideas
Show Notes

The number one way any contractor can differentiate themselves from their competitors, position themselves as a great place to work, and show the world the type of contractor they are is by the ONE thing: Construction CEO content. There's a small group of CEOs sharing content about their story and journey in construction. And that same small group of CEOs are reaping all the benefits from having a personal brand. Benefits like building brand awareness for their company, making it easier to land new clients, and winning over the BEST talent in the industry. You've likely seen construction CEO content on social media. You've likely wanted to replicate the same strategy. But you get stuck. You begin to think, what should I post about? and the important question: will anyone care? Well, I have good news for you.

Today, I'm breaking down the TOP 5 content topics that will work for ANY construction CEO.

0:57 - 1st CEO content idea
2:02 - 2nd CEO content idea
3:17 - 3rd CEO content idea
4:32 - 4th CEO content idea
5:41 - 5th CEO content idea

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