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#5: Conversation with Katt Risen – Insights on Going from an IDEA to EXIT

January 15, 2024 Season 1 Episode 5
Build & Beyond Podcast
#5: Conversation with Katt Risen – Insights on Going from an IDEA to EXIT
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, we dive into all things no-code with guest Katt Risen, a marketer turned no-code developer. Drawing from her marketing background in a big tourism corporation, Katt shares her first encounter with no-code solutions through a product called 'Softr' and how it revolutionized the company’s approach to handling customer queries during the COVID-19 crisis.

Katt's experience sparking a mini-digital transformation at her former company led her to establish 'NoCode Guru', a project that was eventually acquired. Kat discusses the power of building in public, the significance of timing and small beginnings while starting a no-code project, and the potential of no-code tools in entrepreneurship.

Born out of her exit success with 'NoCode Guru', she started 'NoCode Exits', an inspirational newsletter that features stories of successful exits and revenue generation anecdotes from the no-code space. Acknowledging the ongoing struggle despite the seeming success, Katt ends with a note on the enduring power of doubt and the importance of looking beyond 'shiny new ideas'.

00:00 Introduction and Background
00:04 Guest Introduction and Career Journey
02:23 Exploring Entrepreneurship and Discovering NoCode
08:30 First NoCode Project and Impact
12:26 Challenges and Solutions in NoCode
16:46 Launching NoCode Guru and Success
19:21 Selling NoCode Guru and Reflections
22:04 Understanding Acquisitions and Product Growth
23:19 Exploring the Concept of No Code Exits
23:45 The Power of Building in Public
25:20 The Impact of Twitter on Product Growth
26:39 Strategies for Growing Your Subscriber Base
30:54 The Importance of Focusing on One Project
33:34 The Journey of Selling Your Projects
37:08 The Challenges of Balancing Multiple Projects
40:13 The Future of No Code Exits
42:03 Final Thoughts and Reflections

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Closing Thoughts

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