How to get your paper published. With Kieran Walsh. Episode 47
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Doctors at Work
How to get your paper published. With Kieran Walsh. Episode 47
Nov 23, 2023 Episode 47

When you have done a great project you want to share it with the world, so that others can benefit from your experience and findings. Plus it helps you progress your career too. But how do you get a paper published? In this episode, Kieran Walsh takes us through the journey of a project from inception to publication, and he shares his views on how to get published. Top tip is to start with the end in mind.

Dr Kieran Walsh is Clinical Director at BMJ. He is the clinical lead of the medical education and clinical decision support resources at BMJ. He has a vast amount of experience in online medical education, clinical decision support, face-to-face delivery of medical education, and both summative and formative assessment. He has experience of using all of these in programmes to strengthen health systems. He is Adjunct Associate Professor in Teaching and Research at Monash University. He has published over 200 papers in the biomedical literature and has written four books on medical education. Competing interests: KW works for BMJ.

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