Taking you inner critic to court. With Natalia Cerezo Martin. Episode 67
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Taking you inner critic to court. With Natalia Cerezo Martin. Episode 67
Mar 01, 2024 Episode 67

How do you deal with your inner critic? In this episode, Natalia tells me that the inner critic is a sign that there is a need for growth. It's important that we don't get bullied by it, and I love her suggestion of taking thoughts to court and examining factual evidence. Her tips for dealing with the inner critic are to identify it, accept it, and then convert it into a force for growth.

Natalia writes: I'm a Spaniard who has called London home for over two decades. My eclectic professional journey has whisked me through the realms of entertainment, hospitality, and cybersecurity. With a Certified Customer Experience Professional and Project Management Agile certifications under my belt, I've had the honour of leading global, multicultural, and diverse teams—up to 40 members strong.

Throughout my 15-year tenure in customer-facing roles, I've been committed to nurturing both individual growth and team development, always aligning personal goals with business objectives.

My career trajectory has been a steep climb, leading me to the senior leadership team of a cybersecurity company. With experience in both B2B and B2C sectors, I have navigated companies through complex changes including acquisitions, mergers, rebranding, and restructuring—basically, if it involves change management, I've done it.

Committed to professional excellence, I hold a Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors from the Institute of Leadership and Management. I'm also a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

I've battled anxiety, taken purposeful career breaks, and never shied away from redefining my professional path. These experiences have not only made me a lifelong learner but also a leader focused on resilience and adaptability. I believe in a non-hierarchical, action-oriented approach to leadership. Throughout my career, I have been particularly effective in male-dominated environments and have always been a proactive challenger of imposter syndrome.

You can find Natalia at https://nataliacerezo.com, on LinkedIn, and at  https://linktr.ee/coaching_with_natalia.

You can also watch at https://www.youtube.com/@dr-coach/videos
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