How to make career decisions. With Giles Croft. Episode 93
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How to make career decisions. With Giles Croft. Episode 93
May 31, 2024 Episode 93

For many doctors a career in medicine seems like a conveyor belt, but increasingly people are willing to take stock and consider what it is that they want in their lives, and what kind of a career suits them. This may be decisions relating to specialties, locations, allied roles, leadership roles, or wholesale changes. In this episode, Giles Croft tells me about career decisions that he has made. We identify that slowing down matters, happiness is an inside job, and we create a six point plan for career transitions.

Giles is a psychology graduate and former NHS surgeon who stepped aside from clinical practice to seek happiness in a number of alternative career paths, including health informatics, cycling journalism, public speaking and high street retail with his wife. Ultimately he realised what we all know to be true — that happiness is indeed an ‘inside job’ — and since 2018 has been helping individuals and groups to rediscover their own ‘Innate Health’ as a speaker, coach and trainer. He has worked extensively with busy Health & Social Care staff, and his 6 week Reconnect Programme was recently found by the UK’s What Works Centre for Wellbeing, to be the most effective way to improve staff wellbeing and mental health, out of more than 200 different interventions across the UK. Giles writes a monthly wellbeing column in the South Wales-based Focus Magazine, runs a free monthly online meet-up called ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ and lives in Abergavenny with his wife and 10 year old daughter.

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