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Side Hustle - Jacque Reid

February 17, 2022 Linda Lorelle
Our Voices Matter Podcast
Side Hustle - Jacque Reid
Show Notes

Jacque Reid is a walking, talking example of the power of a good side hustle.

Yes, she’s an Emmy award-winning TV and radio journalist with national network experience.  CNN. BET. NBC (Oscars Red Carpet team).  Tom Joyner Morning Show.  

But she is also her own powerhouse brand, creating content to feed what ignites her passion.

As an animal advocate, Jacque’s biggest passion right now is the Vegan Sexy Cool brand.  She uses her voice to promote veganism through a digital lifestyle magazine, influencer dinners and a podcast.

She is also co-host of another popular podcast, Reid This Reid That, with MSNBC’s, Joy Reid.  The backstory Jacque shares about how they got started is hilarious!

Our conversation runs the gamut from why she became a Vegan — to a career pivot to preserve her mental health — to her “other” experiences in the media business.  And why she consistently pours into aspiring journalists as they launch their careers.

Jacque got her start in local TV after graduating from Clark Atlanta University and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.  Our paths crossed at KPRC-TV in Houston.

I had booked her for the podcast during a planned visit to Houston in 2020, just as Covid hit and shut everything down.

Two years later, we finally made it happen!  


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