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Olympic Gold Medalist Rises Above With Joy - Scott Hamilton

February 24, 2022 Linda Lorelle
Our Voices Matter Podcast
Olympic Gold Medalist Rises Above With Joy - Scott Hamilton
Show Notes

If anyone can show Olympic figure skater, Kamila Valieva, how to rise above with joy, it’s Olympic gold medalist, Scott Hamilton.

The 2022 winter games that just wrapped up were devastating for the 15 year-old Russian phenom.  She went into the games as a gold medal favorite and finished 4th in the midst of a doping scandal.

Hamilton brought not only his expertise, but his humanity, to his role as a commentator for NBC Sports.  

He stood firm in his belief that Valieva should not be allowed to compete after testing positive for three banned substances.

But he was just as firm in expressing his compassion for a young athlete — a minor — whose coaches and other adults failed to protect her.

That is Scott.  Compassionate.  Warm.  Vulnerable.  Inspiring.

All of that and more are on full display in this emotional conversation we had almost a year ago.

As you will see, Scott was undeterred and undaunted by the inevitable ups and downs of life.  Time after time, it would have been so easy to quit.

But that is not in his DNA.

One can only imagine the emotional turmoil Valieva is experiencing — and how she will come out of it.

It will not be easy.  

But if she is looking for a roadmap to begin this difficult journey, she need look no further than the Olympic Champion who can give us all a master class in how to rise above with joy.


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