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Keep Going - Nina Grae

December 02, 2021 Linda Lorelle
Our Voices Matter Podcast
Keep Going - Nina Grae
Show Notes

It wasn’t easy, but Musical Artist, Nina Grae,  found a way to keep going through her darkest days, starting with the healing power of music.   If you are searching for a way to keep going when it feels like it’s all falling apart (hello world!), this episode is for you.

Full disclosure.  It’s also for me.

There is something about Nina that pulls you into her space, shakes you to your core, and calms you down.  All at the same time.  All while showing, by example, how to reignite our own flickering light.

Me Too Moment

The tools and survival skills she has honed through the years were born of a ”Me Too” moment at a formative age...a moment that brought Nina to her knees.

It took her shine and her enthusiasm for life.  What should have been a joyous, carefree time turned into an 8-year journey to reclaim her light.  

And reclaim it she did, with the help of a loving family and her love of music.

Overcoming ”The Other”

Once you’re made to feel like ”the other”, you never forget it.  That feeling of being different, excluded, someone who doesn’t belong. 

But here’s the good news, as Nina so beautifully expresses in our conversation:  “If you have been brought to your knees, if you have been made to feel like you don’t matter, it’s because you actually have the potential to rise so high, and you matter so much; and whatever happened to you actually has the capacity to build in extra power, extra life force and ability…if you can ride out these dark days…”


Nina rode it out.  And so can you.  Healing is possible and that’s what Nina and her music are all about.  Healing our broken souls and our broken world through the power of music, empathy and kindness.

We all just have to keep going.

If you know someone who is struggling to keep going, please share this conversation with them.  Nina’s words and her angelic voice, which she shares in the episode, might be just what they need to hear…

To keep going…


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