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Representation Matters - Pam Perry

December 16, 2021 Linda Lorelle
Our Voices Matter Podcast
Representation Matters - Pam Perry
Show Notes

Motown Magic was a part of every day life for award-winning PR professional, Pam Perry.  
She grew up in Detroit, counting the Four Tops and the Temptations among her neighbors.  Diana Ross is her high school’s most famous alum.

“If they can do it, I can do it” Pam remembers thinking as a young girl.

Yes, representation matters.  

Pam’s “it” turned out to be public relations, marketing and branding.  Today, she runs a boutique PR firm working with speakers and authors to help them attract major media.  Her clients have been featured on CNN and NBC, and in Essence, Ebony and Black Enterprise Magazines.  Pam is also the publisher of Speakers Magazine. 

As a young, Black girl growing up in the 1960’s, Pam had to navigate a bumpy road to achieve the success she currently enjoys.

Her rich backstory explores the lonely days of her early career in an industry designed to keep Blacks at the bottom.  She used that loneliness to help transform the industry she loves and has devoted her life to.

Pam’s lessons learned along the way are jewels for us all.  And for young, aspiring communications professionals, she offers invaluable advice on how to turn your goals into the career of your dreams.  Spoiler alert:  relationships are key.

Pam’s own brand of Motown Magic is on full display in our conversation as she pays it forward — and pays homage to “The Greats” who walked in her midst and showed her what’s possible.


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