Reconcile: Everyday Conversations

Episode 1: Tara Anderson

November 01, 2018 Season 1 Episode 1
Reconcile: Everyday Conversations
Episode 1: Tara Anderson
Reconcile: Everyday Conversations
Episode 1: Tara Anderson
Nov 01, 2018 Season 1 Episode 1
Tara Anderson
One woman's reflection on how her understanding of reconciliation moved from a biblical perspective to a call for social action.
Show Notes

In our first episode, Tara Anderson discusses her understanding of reconciliation and how it has evolved over time. Since 2015, Tara’s understanding of reconciliation shifted from a biblical definition to a broader secular awareness. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s summary propelled her to become engaged in her local community by exploring a deeper understanding of Indigenous history and culture. 

Tara speaks about embracing awkward questions. She highlights the important first steps to understanding reconciliation – educate ourselves, find mentors who can walk with us, and show up to places where we will meet new people. “If we aren't in the same space it is difficult to build relationships,” Tara states, encouraging her audience to take action. 

We invited Tara into our house and around our dining room table to have a conversation around these five questions: 

1.   How would you define reconciliation?

2.   What experiences have defined this understanding?

3.   Where have you seen grace in the reconciliation journey?

4.   How would you invite other people into understanding reconciliation?

5.   Why is reconciliation important to you?

Then we recorded her reflections.

Links from the episode:

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Reconcile: Everyday Conversations is a project of Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan.

The goal of Reconcile: Everyday Conversations is to facilitate conversations among settler/non-Indigenous Canadians around our role in reconciliation.
Our intended audience is Anabaptist faith communities in Saskatchewan.

Project Coordinator: Heather Peters
Recording and Editing: Joel Kroeker
Music by A Northern Road to Glory


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