Shame Shadows
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Shame Shadows
Apr 28, 2024
Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M.

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Chronic shame—we've all felt whispers of it at some point. It's more than a fleeting emotion; it's an unwelcome narrative that claims a permanent spot in our identities, painting our self-perception with broad strokes of inadequacy. But why is it so crucial to bring chronic shame into the light? Understanding is the first step in deconstructing the fortress around our hearts. 

Key Take Aways

  • The profound difference between shame and other transient emotions.
  • Learning to recognize the often subtle yet impactful signs of chronic shame.
  • The physical toll of chronic shame and how to decode our body's messages.
  • The compelling power of our stories binds us and sets us free from shame’s grasp.
  • Exploring strategies for identifying, acknowledging, and navigating the pathway to healing chronic shame.
  • The crucial role of compassion and shared experiences in overcoming the barriers erected by chronic shame.

To further our exploration and understanding of our emotional journeys, we've created the Simple & Deep™ Feelings Wheel—a tool designed to help you identify and articulate your emotions with greater clarity. 

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