"Meat" Jacob Wolki - Regenerative Farmer and Unstaffed 24/7 Butcher Shop Owner.
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"Meat" Jacob Wolki - Regenerative Farmer and Unstaffed 24/7 Butcher Shop Owner.
Apr 04, 2024
Grown Not Flown

Jacob Wolki and his namesake Wolki Farm describes itself as the connector between the conscientious consumer and quality produce. 

Its safe to say that Jacob and his family have been on quite the journey over the last decades, brought about initially by Jacob's health and  taking over the counter medications focussed on treating symptoms as opposed to curing whatever it was that wrong with him. Becoming obsessed only to then realise he was finding answers but then having more questions, Jacob came to the conclusion at every point of his journey that "good food is a key to healing a broken body".

Jacob now has a multi farm business, rearing grass fed animals working with the land, rather than against it. His business is guided by the 5 pillars of "Wolki Farm"; 

  • Animal Welfare
  • Environmental Backbone
  • Healing Food
  • Building Community
  • Profit.

Additional to the farming operations Jacob has an unstaffed butchery - that is open 24/7 for whenever customers need it. The butchery allows Wolki's operation to now start shipping its meat around the far ends of the country and allows consumers to obtain his "old school produce with a new school approach".

In this chat with Jacob we explore all the facets of his business, his motivation, his belief that the current food system is compromised and how he is leading the charge in farming a better way.