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Master Social Media As An Artist
Master Social Media As An Artist 14:57 The Starving Artist Paradox - You Don't Have To Suffer For Art 12:50 Complexities of Human Identity as an Artist 8:13 Embracing Imperfection is a Natural Part of the Creative Process 16:53 Are Juried or Online Exhibitions Worth It? 17:57 Bridging Creativity and Technology: The Great AI (Artificial Intelligence) Debate 11:37 Transitioning & Changes in Artistic Styles Can Be Tough 13:48 We are back! 10 Year Anniversary Episode! 8:49 Can't Go To Art School? Create Your Own Art Education 17:57 Stay Creative with Chronic Illness (Mental/Physical) or a Disease 16:28 Sell Artwork for Effectively on the Internet 12:17 Unconventional Ways to Created A Dedicated Creative Space 9:18 Visual Journaling will Kick Your Creativity into High Gear 8:39 Submitting a Proposal to Secure a Solo Exhibition 14:40 Art School VS Being Self-Taught 15:21 Marketing Your Artwork and Creations Online 15:56 Working Through Creative Block 15:56 Effectively Value and Price Your Own Art 15:53 Interview with Planet of the Apes Special Effects Artist Chet Zar 33:30 Getting Your Art Exhibited in Art Galleries 13:52 Interview with Sculptor / Director / Animator Jim Mckenzie 20:01 Fear in Association with Creativity 12:49 Artists Need A Professional Website Portfolio 10:55 Constructive Criticism VS Criticism as Artists 9:26 Scarcity and Abundance as an Artist 6:54