Prairie Bible Church Messages

A Call to Stand Firm

July 03, 2022 Prairie Bible Church
Prairie Bible Church Messages
A Call to Stand Firm
Show Notes

A Call to Stand Firm

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

July 3, 2022

 Imagine that you are at war, and you are leading a battalion into battle. As you are preparing for this battle, someone approaches you with a book. You open the book and discover that it contains all of the enemy’s key positions, strategies, weapons and plans of attack. Would you read that book? We are in a spiritual war, and this war is for our souls. But we have a book! This book contains everything we need to win the spiritual war. Through following Jesus Christ and obeying His Word, we can win the spiritual war. 

 Take Home Message: The spiritual war can only be won by following God’s marching orders. 

 God’s Marching Orders Demand…

-        My Alertness.

-        Be watchful, stand firm in the faith (v. 13).

-        My Advancement.

-        Act Like Men, Be Strong (v. 13).

-        My Affection.

-        Let all that you do be done in love (v. 14).