Important Health Checks for Mid-Life Women
Lynda Lovatt Lady Talk's Podcast
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Lynda Lovatt Lady Talk's Podcast
Important Health Checks for Mid-Life Women
May 01, 2024 Season 1 Episode 4
Lynda Lovatt Lady Talk

In this episode I talk to Nurse Practitioner Intern Emma Nikolajenko about all the important health checks women should be having in Midlife.

It's comprehensive, informative and delivered in a very down to earth style which the listeners will appreciate and relate too. The podcast covers topics about how to improve your health literacy and where to look on the internet for credible health information.

We talk in a relaxed way about bowel health and sexually transmitted diseases and the new HPV cervical screening test. I love how we talk about new relationships and sexual health, looking at your vulva and asking if you can have a STI check with your smear. It's all discussed easily even those taboo topics we all secretly want to know about. 

Self care is important for disease prevention.  We'll discuss ways to improve your health outcomes with sleep, nutrition and physical activity.  Simple and effective strategies to look after yourself and keep out of hospital. 

You'll hear about why seeing a Nurse Practitioner will be something you'll enjoy and see more of in General Practice to look after your health needs.

Please checks out these important links with health information;


-  (checking breasts – Touch, Look, Check)

- (looking out for symptoms/changes with bowel habits) 

- (For credible up to date health information)

Lynda Lovatt, Menopause Specialist Nurse/Registered Exercise Professional.

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