The Calling: Follow your spirit- all the way in

010 Journey into Spiritual Depths: Unlocking the Secrets of Channelling and Initiation Featuring Starr Fuentes

February 12, 2024 Homaya / Starr Fuentes Season 1 Episode 10
The Calling: Follow your spirit- all the way in
010 Journey into Spiritual Depths: Unlocking the Secrets of Channelling and Initiation Featuring Starr Fuentes
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Greetings, lovely listeners! In this insightful episode, we dive deep into the world of spiritual wisdom with the extraordinary Starr Fuentes. Join me as we explore her journey, touching on channelling, the importance of initiation, and overcoming breakdowns on the spiritual path.


Embark on a fascinating journey with Starr Fuentes, an exceptional spiritual guide. The conversation delves into the intricacies of channelling, the different facets of spiritual initiation, and the resilience required to navigate breakdowns on the profound journey of self-discovery.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Essence of Channelling: Starr emphasises the need for surrender and a profound connection with one's higher power. Channelling requires relaxation, discernment, and a deep understanding of the energies at play.
  2. Initiation and Resilience: Initiations are stepping stones, not the entire staircase. Starr shares her wisdom on the significance of having a teacher, partner, or mentor to provide feedback and guidance during the transformative process.
  3. Spiritual Breakdowns: Moments of wanting to quit are essential. They offer an opportunity to reevaluate and strengthen your commitment to the spiritual path. Breakdowns are not failures but crucial components of growth.
  4. The Purpose of Problems: Problems arise to keep you on your purpose. Each challenge contributes to the firmness and clarity of your spiritual path, allowing you to emerge stronger and more grounded.

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Starr Fuentes, Homaya Amar

Homaya Amar  00:00

Hello, hello and blessings, everyone. I am hyper elated today for our super special guest Starr Fuentes. To introduce star I will need hours and to have conversations with her. Like the type of conversation, the depth of conversation, the variety of conversations that I can have with her are infinite. I've dedicated a lot of my life to learn every single world word from that special beyond human woman. This is my dear beloved master who have touched my heart and my life in such a significant way. And the ripples of her work were passing through me and still passing through me to countless like I cannot even count how many people so star is going to celebrate 85 On this specific planet. All right, in a month more or less this January, she is going to celebrate 85 years in this specific body while teaching and leading and channelling numerous Homewatch I cannot even count classes pieces, 460 classes and 60 classes how many books start with

Starr Fuentes  01:47

ah, when the crystal scalper gets printed 23 books, huge

 Homaya Amar  01:52

lineage masters, students, facilitators all around the globe. This is a legend. So this is a precious moment to be with you star. I love you and I'm grateful for your presence.

Starr Fuentes  02:15

I have always loved you, for your grace for your wisdom. For when you question something you truly question something, you just don't go outside and then forget it. You go deep inside and outside. You are a master teacher. And I'm proud of you. So one of my greatest students, thank you for being in my life. And thank you for continuing the teachings

 Homaya Amar  02:51

it is my pleasure and my joy. So star maybe we can start a little bit with you following the calling. Because one of the most inspiring person to follow her spirit all the way in and all the way on is you I know about stories where you came up off the table just went out of the table and flew to the other side of the blob that you committed to yours in the jungles like can you write Can you pick one of your stories where spirit was guiding you and you just moved with it? While

Starr Fuentes  03:46

I was in Morocco, and I wanted to study with the blue tribe, so I went to oh my goodness, I can't even remember the name of this town. I want a camel or two when a guy and I wanted to go to see somebody called cuckoo yah, yah, hoo. Yaga was Africa and he was Maasai. There were legends about his miracle healings. So the guy goes to me you can't take a white woman and out here this is there's white there's you know there's only 1000 Miles there's two piece for people who can't take a white one so he takes me out we we ride at night. We sleep during the day it's and we get to cuckoo Yeah. And cuckoo Yaya says no white woman come study with me. No, no now and be especially you guys sleep. And in the morning you leave. So, about four in the morning he brings a black snake about six feet long. I'm laying on this bed of sticks and some other stuff. And he drops the snake. And it goes down my chest and never went in between my leg. And I said, Don't scream, don't scream, scream. My mantra was Don't scream. And because I didn't move or scream, I got to stay 11 months with cuckoo. Yeah, yeah. And it was interesting. I was only the only white woman living with about two 300 Black people. I forgot. I forgot I was white. When to Peace Corps workers came into town. I looked up and I went, white people. And then I went, Oh, I am wiped. So he tried smoke magic, which were you blow smoke in different areas of the body and exorcism. And I learned exorcism. And smoke mat. Magic. What I did not learn. Where I made a fool of myself was one day the Maasai women going to come here, come here, come here. And I went, they took a pot of mud, and they started putting mud from my haste and I look around and all the women are in mud. And I'm like, oh, Maasai ceremony. I never read about, oh, first ceremony with the women. Oh, I'm really high ego right now. And they put me with my men. They put two stripes in my nose, at from from a distance, a cloud of locusts came. And they stripped the trees, everything green. They came, and everybody in the tribe was sitting there with mud, and two stars, and I realised it wasn't a ritual. It was bog medicine. So in your mind, you get to a place where you think, oh, everything is good. I'm dealing with things fine. I know it all. You don't. And time and time again. Through the different 13 Different shamans current data's witchdoctors ashram, I learned that I thought I knew. But I didn't. Like, I look at the wars today. And I say, as above, so below, as in me, sort of the world. And I look at myself and I go, what do these people need? And I'm thinking, what they need is satisfaction. So they don't want to grab somebody's land. What they need is contentment. So they don't have to go shoot people. And I'm working on a little bit of a programme to enhance satisfaction and contentment. In fact, I'm gonna have a surprise class, Thanksgiving, when Thanksgiving weekend all the people coming for Thanksgiving, I'm gonna run it on. And where am I not contempt? Where am I not satisfied? Do I have enough shoes? Do I have enough clothes? Probably more. And I think about this world demand right now for satisfaction, for contentment. And I'm working on some exercises, some techniques to check people out right now. And if we continue to talk about what we can do, as be satisfied, be content. So that the we 100th Monkey, you understand that? Hundreds monkey the world. And in the Polynesia, there were 10 islands that they were studying monkey sign. And the monkeys would eat the fruit off Sandy and stuff. And so one of the guys took the monkey down to the ocean and taught it, how to wash its food off it. It taught its mother, its sister, when the 100th monkey was taught. All the monkeys and all the other islands started washing their fruit. So they know that with humanity, there's a level where everything spreads that with apes, there's a level where it just comes straight into your consciousness and At what is in our consciousness, because we live in the world, it's not contentment, and that satisfaction. So they seem to small little things, how can they stop a war? Yet, if each of us finds a bigger and bigger piece of that, then maybe, then maybe things have toned down. And I don't know, you know what used to satisfy me in 1954. It's not satisfying me in this share. And when I think about my earliest memory winner, is standing in the ration lines with the ration book during World War One with my grandma. And I think, think about how it felt, how it felt it felt desperate, it felt I have to save my lineage. It felt right now what it feels like, is I have to save my lineage. And everybody's dissatisfied. And so what do they do, they take their dissatisfaction, and bomb the hospitals and the schools and bomb everything or whatever. So I want satisfaction. And I want contentment right now. So if we want to change the world, we have to 100th Monkey the world, which Bible and other people teach your say, so 144,000 people to be doing the same thing. So that it catches all around the world. Look at the study, it's pretty interesting.

 Homaya Amar  11:54

It's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. And thank you, you know, the fact that you went directly to this topic, really, we chat a little bit before and you said that you are praying for the world, almost all day long. And probably this is so in your system now that immediately we went and tapped into this topic. So maybe can you can share, you know, I still speak a lot and also work a lot in night school, which is something that I've learned with you and from you. And I work a lot on the astral plan. And in the world which is beyond the manifested world. The world where the spirit is alive and the spirit is awaken. And where people can get the insights and be subconsciously, awakening a certain knowledge within them and then gradually in the mind is taking it faster. So can you share a little bit about night school, a little bit of how you communicate with the spirit of the world with the spirit of the people.

Starr Fuentes  13:11

Okay, in the astral plane, which is above us, is everything, everything that ever happened, everybody who thought to kill somebody, everybody who thought to bless somebody, every time you make a thought that action occurs on the astral plane. Some parts of the astral plane, you don't want to go there, there's wars and stuff. But it has to plane is one of the beautiful places I love. And it's a place where spiritual, magical different teachers can come in new sleep and all their students, all the people interested in it, not even their students can come and you actually teach your class. I can talk to my dead teachers there. It is accessible to everybody who has intention to get there. And people after five, six years start remembering their night schools. They don't right away, they can Oh I saw your face or something. But this is the land where the future teachings go into the mind. So that later when a person asks a question, they will have the answers to them. You may get a doctorate degree and three nights in the astral plane. Do you have all the details? Maybe but you have to review look, make sure you have the knowledge I been in classes with Jesus, and there's more than several 100,000 people there Buddha, several 100,000 people there by teacher, and somewhere about 600 people. And most of them, my students, your students who go to my teacher, and your classes who are which I've been to, are very melodious, and precise where I am like, Do this, do that here. I am a very redstone speaker and you are a purpose on speaker you move just enough. But yet, the depth of your essence comes out with your words, my depth of my essence comes out with knowing me for some time. You have that immediate, which I can't see any of you, but I've got my own. Oh

 Homaya Amar  15:57

my god, I cannot believe Oh Starr. So that's

Starr Fuentes  16:01

when it goes on Go is on with night school. And you know, best quiet ask questions is when are the aliens coming? Am I gonna win the lottery? And where's my mate? So it's kind of the same here on planet earth as it is nice, cool. People keep asking the same question. Except people like you show me the advanced chakras of the brain, and how I can work with them. And I've actually written that up, and I'm going to be giving that class to Renee Landers. She and I have worked on it, where we go to the five trackers in the brain, where we describe which what each one does. And where we do processes for those trackers, yet sounds pretty complicated and a lot of diagrams.

Homaya Amar  17:02

And I'm sure it is mind blowing. And completely transformative. Like everything you create.

Starr Fuentes  17:13

Wow. The question is, am I the student during my two teacher? Every time I wrote a difference? No. Every time I wrote a class, I wrote it for me. So that procrastination workshop, some people gauge that's because I was procrastinating, the whatever it was, it was for me. And when I write what the teachers say, I do the best as I can to keep the words that the teachers gave me. Although now that 85 There are moments when I forget. And forgetting is like, Oh, I'm losing my brain. Yeah, but I just wrote six or seven classes in the last three months, complicated ones, and then I don't feel like I'm losing my brain. And my question is, go ahead. Mike. My question is, am I blessed with this right now? So God's Spirit, my teacher thinks I don't need to think about this. I first taught in 1958 that 60 Some years of teaching, and I'm making excuses for losing my memory to make me feel good. honest about it, you know, I know that it is happening. That's mean that means I'm conscious of it. A lot of people aren't conscious. They're not conscious of how their words hurt. People are not conscious how how their silence hurts people, we do have a class called Silent abuse. And it's about how people can abuse you by being silent. So that's an interesting aspect, too. So what are you teaching these days?

Homaya Amar  19:18

I am about to teach something that I named getting high challenge it's a seven day experience which you go through self awareness practices in order to see how with your own wings and with your own heart and spirit, you keep your frequency high and keep yourself in your centre. So this is coming up. How wonder if it will come probably will come after the these podcasts will come after it. And there's another another class in the cooking which will come in December. So that might be for the one who would be list Learning, which I named it, ownership, and it is all that I know about creating healthy boundaries. Because you keep on, you keep on creating healthy boundaries as you advance. As you scale as you have more students as you have more responsibility, you need to keep on topic again and again to how you hold your boundaries, how you are holding your centre like this is this is a class that I wanted to teach for a long time it took me a moment to write it and it will be in middle of December. Boundaries

Starr Fuentes  20:36

change every hour. Boundaries change about approximately every hour, you will gather information from the person's aura, you will gather information from their body language, you will gather information from everything and you will change your boundary and not even know it till you go to enforce it. Sometimes very good class and I will see if I can attend tight timing. So the timings a little weird but yeah,

Homaya Amar  21:09

yeah, I wanted to share with you say something about channelling about the memory, if you will be willing to go there a little bit. Because there is something with channelling that I feel, it's like in the meditation, there is a moment in the meditation that you're still here a little bit in the 3d world, but then there's like an elevator coming, the entire energy goes up, and then it feels like you enter the hyper dimensionality like you enter another space. And there's something very similar when channelling occur. Some of it like the part that is coming in night school in the part that is coming in to the brain that comes like an abstract, we can say like it comes and there's some links and some connection. And then there is another part of the channelling that you sit and write it down. At least this is how it is for me. And I feel that I don't really use my memory or my brain. Not in the abstract part. And not in the beginning of writing everything like it is just coming and you and I and as I've learned from you like I feel that there are several types of channelling that we have, we can channel a frequency of a being as you channel this call and other beings. So we can channel that a transmission a message. But those also many of the classes that you wrote, are actually a channelling you have seen a structure in the upper realm. And then you defined it in a way that we can perceive it that you can transmit it. Do you feel that the memory that like you really need your brain there?

Starr Fuentes  23:02

In the brain between short term and long term memory is this place where we make up stories for six year olds, there was a moon being by Baba, that place is protected by us as children so nobody can get in there. And usually opens up after we become a man or a woman. Most people are afraid to surrender a knife even though you're you can surrender inside, to let the information come in. And I have sat in a Yugoslavian teacher's room, understood every word and then people came up to me and Yugoslavian. Start speaking to me. And I didn't and I realised that my brain was somehow translating. You have to be able to surrender. And you've learned to surrender a long, long time ago. You cannot channel if you can't surrender. And what does that mean? I can surrender to God and I can serve surrendered to my dead teacher, I surrender to my husband, my secretary gives me a hard time and a good time as he should when I don't do as I say, my husband gives me that in that piece of my brain. The walls I see. I used to as a teenager wash the walls away and open the bank door. Now my walls are pretty thin. I have a profound understanding of what's coming and going. Six feet seven feet they get in my car I know exactly. Do I want to play do I not want to play and channel laying is a state of consciousness that you have to reach. You have to be surrender. When somebody says, not me, you and your body I gotta throw up and you're like, that's a big bad voice, but you let it in and the children, the whole class is crying. Do you know when you you may remember, sometimes I don't remember, sometimes it's very profound memory. It's almost as my words come together from their assets. And it's very profound memories of my future memories of channelling, so don't just close my eyes, and they are right present in front of me. But yet, I have one acts channelling, I'm going to do Thanksgiving weekend that I'm prepared, that I'm preparing for, what is the bad is sort of going to start about contentment? What are the techniques, they're started forming in my head, then I write it down tight, but then I sit on it, because or put it under my feet? Because I find that when I come to talk to people, their energy demands something else. First. I'll teach it 30.

 Homaya Amar  26:25

What do you mean by the demand something else first.

Starr Fuentes  26:30

Like if I walk in a room, and there are 20 sexually abused women there, I can do the entrance of decision class, I will take them to a place where I know that they're working on or give them snaps. And then how to make a decision and my decision class in New York may be I need more space. So when you sit in front of the class, my 30 day workshops, plan day by day, 15 minutes by 15 minutes, they won't always go fine. After that God says they said source esperando said let's do de to add, it's it becomes the class that I am sensitive enough to to see what the class needs. So the decision class taught in 10 different cities. When I teach it is a class of the major issue of that group, and how to work the decisions. And I think channelling you have to be relaxed. And you have to know God, you have to know your higher power is right there protecting you. So that's important. There's little karma. 14 years, 14 years, that little boy's been with me.

Homaya Amar  27:58

Store, what do you when you say you need to know your powers. But if you would need to define the differences between channelling a being or channelling a message to channelling a structure, or to hold space for a lineage like you're holding now and you're holding for quite a lot of time. What do you feel that it is demanding from you, from your body? From, from your mind, from your heart? What is the resources that you as a human investing in holding so much Spirit inside of you and available? Like?

Starr Fuentes  28:44

I think it was being sexually abused from the age of six. I ran away from home much while I went to study with teachers to heal my sexual abuse, but they go, Oh, here's something for the liver. We're not just going to teach you about healing your sexual oh, here's something about anger. So I had to pick up like 32 different topics before I got to one to heal myself. So after three, four years of doing this, it all of a sudden I'm with somebody or with the teacher and there's a client over here that's crying or something, and I go over there and work with them. And it was from my deepest deepest need of healing, of fear of fear. 12 years old. You don't have fear of

Starr Fuentes  29:48

the need to know that just because my parents didn't feed me and treating me inappropriately, that I am human. that I am worth something. A lot of times with abuse, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual abuse. The parents leave stigmata on the children that they have no worth. That. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, for me, I think that was one of the biggest things. And I think the greatest time in my co quarter and dahlias, as when I moved the phone from the bedroom, because if somebody called at two o'clock at night, and they needed a healing, I would give him a sleep. I think that was 2020 20 years ago, we took the phone out of the bedroom, because people would call from all over the world, I remember that.

Homaya Amar  30:53

I remember you saying that to me. And you

Starr Fuentes  30:57

need to take that phone out of the bedroom. Because that is my space, me and my husband space. That is vibe. You know, although I have a huge geodesic dome to meditate and then do my magic and and everything. I go in there. But that is my space. The dome doesn't have the phone and, and my bedroom. I used to be, Oh, somebody's hurt. For three decades, I did that kind of stuff. And I've learned the hard way that I need to separate my my teacher, healer Chandler from my human person, I can be quite funny as a human and as

 Homaya Amar  31:40

funny also as a teacher.

 Starr Fuentes  31:45

Loving that I'm 85 years old that I'm still here that people call me from all over the world. I am honoured.

 Homaya Amar  31:57

Oh my god stuff, you know. I don't call you. But I call you in my heart and I call you in the astral life. It's already been two weeks that I'm okay. I'm saying to myself, Okay, what star is doing? How star is relating to that, to the situation to the war, like I'm tapping from my heart, from my psyche, to your heart to your psyche. So I can work by our by your side, so I can work with you. So I would align my forces with you that we will become like a force. I know that I don't work for myself, like the prayers that I'm doing. Now, the current situation, I know that I'm not working by myself. So maybe I don't call physically. But I call energetically. And this is one of the things that really opened up when I started working with you and learning with you is that no distance, no time, no space, like there is a direct access to spirit. And there is also a direct I remember the time I don't know if you remember but how I remember the time that I told I came and asked you I came to visit. And I came in ask you and I said star? Do you think that I can do distance healing and you started laughing? It was like you were bursting? You were nothing? And that was the answer like like any case, it's beyond time and against it is beyond space. Any case it's through the matter its energies, I can still feel that very strongly you and I can hear that still, even when you are now describing those things that you're describing.

Starr Fuentes  33:39

Well, there's the other thing that goes with that is inappropriate or appropriate. I met a client and she just wouldn't get in her body. And I asked her Can I do something to get you back in, in your body? And she says yes. And on the table once a glass of water and I put my hand out this is with Susan Rossi s group and by a glass of water went slid down that table and I took that one or two it interface and for the first time ever she was in her body. Was that appropriate for that situation? Yes. Was it inappropriate and most 99% of the situations? Yes. So we don't use that right or wrong and many spiritual teachers when they start. This is why is this wrong? It is it is it appropriate at all her friends that was the first time they've ever seen her in her body. Now I usually don't go to those extremes. But if you're my client, you're paying me to go back and get back in your body and stay grounded. I might do something weird.

Homaya Amar  34:50

Yeah, and the thing is like in the Jenner the generation that we are now living I think that most of the practices that I have done with you, people will like, will never believe they will feel insulted, they will feel like the meaning of initiation these days and the meaning of initiation for me, or the meaning of initiation for you have changed completely. And I feel that this is one of people are reducing their connection to spirit because they are not willing to go through an initiation and the melting experience of their ego, whether it is done by their master or whether it is done by spirit, spirit, but in 

Starr Fuentes  35:42

that I believe people are, are trained to pay for fast food and get it. You know, someone wants a class takes a week, and they go, Oh, I'm breaking one give me $1,000 discount, and I'm like, Oh, wait, do you have had 60 years of healing, you know, and it's not about getting a discount, it's, it's about getting what you need. And teachers like you wouldn't be will see somebody feel somebody even smelled them and know what they need. Other teachers just give them what what works, but to be with somebody who has more than a decade of experience. And every day I see little herb. I'm working on my apothecary now and I see little are books, with little herb recipes. He books written by somebody who doesn't know what they're doing. And they grab a bunch of shit off the internet, plug it all together and put no downloads it or anything and pay attention. You're in initiations, people are the stepping stones, each one is a step. It's not the whole thing. It's not the whole staircase. And when you have an initiation, you may or may not feel anything, but and the energy experience will stay with you too, you're ready to receive that. So I think that's important. And I can't wave a wand over you give me a million dollars, and I can't wave a wand over you and have you know, everything I know. That's impossible. You have to do your work. And people look for shortcuts and people look for ways not to do their work. How

Homaya Amar  37:32

would you? What would you say to those people who are serious on their spiritual path in this time, where it's almost like you get knowledge, you've had the knowledge, not the wisdom in a click of a finger. How would you guide the people who wants to go deep into their spirit wants to go deep into the shamanism into the initiation wants to lead as as light to create a discernment and to surrender even more to their spirit and to channelling and to go through the initiations that spirits offer.

Starr Fuentes  38:10

You got to have a teacher, no book, I mean, the game, the Bailey box, the sandbox, the early books from the ladies in the 20s. They have their sentences go on for four paragraphs, and in one sentence, I see nine downvotes. But most of the books don't have what it takes. And that is feed back. You need a teacher. I don't care if it's cooking. Like I'm a chef. I spent a lot of time in cooking school, and Spain when when I was with that, David, and I'm a chef, and I'm not going to go to your house and you could have served me spaghetti with spaghetti, canned sauce, and I'm not going to go this is great food. You have to be able to tell the person that truth if you don't shut up, you know, so I think you have to have a teacher because you think one degree off and you end up way over there instead of ending right here. So you need that feedback from someone who is not objective or subjective. They need to be with you. And people make the mistake that they think the more books they read the more YouTube videos now half of the YouTube videos on spirituality have downloads half of them doubt. How do you teach without giving a download confuses me? You know naming. So I think you need to have a teacher or a partner. You know, one day I walk out in a job and there's my dream Read for sale. And I got on my husband and go. Wow, why is my jewellery for sale? He says you taught a class and you told everybody if they don't wear anything for a year that they should sell it was my husband shot me up, shut me up in my place. And I like my jewellery be sold because he was right. And you have to have a mate that has discernment. Of course, we have emotional conversations and loving conversations. My husband will tell me you're not teaching doing what you teach. And you need that teacher feedback, that significant other feedback, especially if he's spiritual, our you don't channel or you make up crap and think it's channelling you need a teacher? And yeah, it's important. It's respect for yourself by having a teacher

Homaya Amar  41:04

and respect for spirit itself.

Starr Fuentes  41:07

Wow, sometimes people don't come in with that. But they definitely.

Homaya Amar  41:13

Yeah. So I want to touch one topic before we come to completion trust as a respect of the time, because honestly, I would have loved to have your like in six episodes or something like that. And maybe, if you will, will, you will be willing, maybe we bring you again to this podcast. But there's something so good. There is something that came when you were speaking about having a teacher and having a partner and really having the self reflection on on daily basis, like really asking yourself if you are walking the talk, if you're what can you say about spiritual breakdown those moments where you feel that no, you cannot do that, like, you cannot continue? It's too demanding. Spiritual. There are some people I remember for me, and I wonder if it happened to you that there were some moments where I felt, yeah, okay, I got the answer, that I felt like no more like another initiation another, another process. What makes this over overcoming the break down, or becoming resilience, regardless of breakdowns, now I'm okay, if there is a breakdown, it can break down next to me, I'm so solid. It's like the world can break down. I'm so solid in spirit, but what would be your guidance? Well,

Starr Fuentes  42:46

I had a wastepaper basket or cassava. And the clients would call and they'd say, I take Did you do what I told you last time? And they'd say, No. Then they call three months later and said, Did I say to them? Did you do what I said last time? No. And I'm very expensive right now I am extremely expensive. So the next time they call, I take their money, and don't read them. And I said, you can have your free reading. When you do your work. And I one day, I had five of those and I'm kicking the wastepaper basket around God, I'm never gonna work on this again, I'm, we're gonna open a restaurant, we're gonna do this, I'm a good bet that an hour later, the phone rings and I'm back on it again, we need those moments to quit. We need those moments. When we say or we're exhausted. We don't notice the moments. When we pick up the phone and start here. We don't notice those moments when we start again. You and your soul knows what you're supposed to do. Your brain will figure it out, hopefully, with the right guidance, and you will quit something 62 times. And I like what Esperanto us used to say. The purpose of problem is to keep you on purpose. And she said while you're walking down this animal trail, and you go over there and look at the flowers and you say Oh, I'm walking down that animal trail, I'm walking down the path of healing and teaching. And then you come back and the path a little wider. It's a little it's like a footpath. Then you get distracted by jams or minerals and you go way over there. When you come back to the path. Oh look, the path looks like our single proper path. And the more you get distracted and comeback, the stronger the firmer Your path is so the more times you read this side to be a healer and a teacher. Have those moments. I've never had to do this Again, the more solid, the more concrete, the more golden your path becomes. So those are something that in the 60s and 70s, because people were more stoned or loose that they didn't experience as much drama. It's when the Oh, what did they call the people who went from being hippie to the office? Do you have peace? When the yuppies came in, that's when everything became over exaggerated drama. And now the kids I'm not sure where they're at, you know, the 20 year olds and 20 year old, they can do things with drama, or they can do things without, which makes me very proud to see them except change without drama, because drama only delays the process. Star. I love you, I love you. You are shining a light in the lineage. One more thing, if it's possible to see within the next year, because I would like to exit gracefully. It would be nice to see you in person. Okay,

Homaya Amar  46:31

thank you. Thank you.

Starr Fuentes  46:32

I love you.

Homaya Amar  46:34

Thank you so much for everyone who were with us all the links to connect and reach star and her services for classes. Her books will be in the notes of this episode star. It was a delight to be with you. I love you. It's a blessing. I'm so happy that we could share your life.

Starr Fuentes  47:01

Thank you.

 Homaya Amar  47:02

Thank you. So thank you so much.

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