Hiking the Oregon Desert Trail with Renee Patrick

March 27, 2019 Lori Prima, Renee Patrick Season 1 Episode 19
Hiking the Oregon Desert Trail with Renee Patrick
Show Notes

In this episode, Lori interviews Oregon Desert Trail Coordinator and Triple Crown Hiker Renee Patrick.

Renee takes listeners on a journey which starts with her personal hiking experiences and how that led her to work for the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA). She talks about hiking the AT, PCT and CDT and how that love of being on the trail led her to take the role of the ODT Trail Coordinator.

As the ODT celebrates its 5th birthday, Renee informs how both beginners and expert hikers can enjoy the beauty that is the Eastern Oregon High Desert. From section hiking, participating in wilderness trailing and stewardship hikes or doing a thru hike  - there are many different ways to experience this unique 750 mile route.

Visit ONDA's vast resources they maintain on the trail by visiting their web page.
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