Hiking Washington's History with Judy Bentley

October 21, 2021 Lori Prima, Judy Bentley Season 5 Episode 4
Hiking Washington's History with Judy Bentley
Show Notes

Judy Bentley takes listeners through hiking Washington's history and reveals the stories behind Washington’s landscape, from Cape Flattery to Cascade Pass, from the Blue Mountains to Cape Disappointment.  We discuss trails as old as 7000 years cross the Cascades.  Hikers may climb to mountain lookouts and follow wagon roads, rail-trails, and expeditions through the Olympic Mountains. (source: judybentley.com)

Judy Bentley writes books about history, hiking, biography, and current issues for both adults and young adults. She grew up in Indiana, went to college in Ohio, and lived in New York City before moving to Seattle where she has retired from teaching at South Seattle College.  The second edition of Hiking Washington's History was published by the University of Washington Press with co-author Craig Romano. Walking Washington's History: Ten Cities, published in 2016, is an urban counterpart to Hiking Washington's History. Both books guide hikers and walkers on historically significant routes in Washington State history.

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In this episode, we cover several trails from her book:
Olympic Peninsula
Cape Flattery
Cape Alava and Ozette

Puget Sound
Sequalitchew Creek

The North Cascades
Sourdough Mountain lookout

The South Cascades
Truman Trail - Mt. St. Helens
Yakima-Cowlitz Trail

Central Washington
The Grand Coulee and Steamboat Rock

Eastern Washington
Kettle Falls
Chief Joseph's Summer Trail

The Lower Columbia River
Columbia Hills
Cape Disappointment 

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