Veterinary Blueprints

#2 - Positive Leadership in Your Veterinary Practice

October 31, 2023 Bill Butler Season 1 Episode 2
Veterinary Blueprints
#2 - Positive Leadership in Your Veterinary Practice
Show Notes

Join host Bill Butler as he delves deep into the world of veterinary leadership with special guest, Josh Vaisman. Starting his journey in the late '90s, Josh navigated the highs and lows of veterinary practice, from technician roles to ownership. In this insightful episode, they discuss the pivotal moments in Josh's career, the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, and how to cultivate a thriving veterinary culture. Drawing on lessons from his book, "Lead to Thrive, The Science of Crafting A Positive Veterinary Culture," Josh sheds light on the common misconceptions and pitfalls in leadership within the veterinary community. 

Whether you're a budding veterinary entrepreneur, a seasoned practitioner, or just curious about the ins and outs of leading in the veterinary world, this episode promises valuable insights and shared wisdom. Dive into the essence of positive leadership and discover how to truly make a difference in your practice and team. 

Guest: Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP, CCFP - Cofounder & Lead Positive Change at Flourish Veterinary Consulting

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