Official Munzee Podcast

Munzee Weekly Podcast - Friday February 2nd , 2024

February 02, 2024 Rob Vardeman & Craig Michell Season 2 Episode 5
Official Munzee Podcast
Munzee Weekly Podcast - Friday February 2nd , 2024
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This week, Rob and Craig talk all about their weeks, and Lous Birthday (Happy Birthday Lou). They chat about the whole week that was, before whole lot of information from Whelens new Bouncer, Sand Dollars, new look redeem store, App updates, Scanner updates, and the BIGGEST news about Greenies to date. 

Ending the episode with a great question & some helpful tips on deploying at Events. 

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Seemyshell (00:01.8)
Welcome to the official Munzee podcast.

Rob (00:04.486)
I'm Rob, also known as Coach V, your host and the president of Munzee.

Seemyshell (00:08.868)
And I'm Craig, also known as Seemyshell. I'm an avid Munzee player, and I'm here to explore the game further.

Rob (00:14.942)
Each week we'll delve into Munzee's mysteries, divulge some secrets, and inform players from around the world just what's coming your way.

Seemyshell (00:22.176)
So sit back relax as today's episode, we discussed some app updates, apparently some greenies, all the good old greenies, you OGs, the redeem store. And of course, always a question for Rob and ending with a Munzee tip of the week. Rob, how's that for an intro, mate? I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, I'll tell you.

Rob (00:37.994)
Yeah, what's up? Hey, that was not bad, not bad.

Rob (00:45.85)
Indeed, all the energy, all the energy. Let's do this. Okay, so you started off this time. What have you been up to?

Seemyshell (00:49.288)

Yeah. Well, mate, I'm still traveling. So big road trip for me, heading south for the winter because it's chilly here in the good old US of A, but I'm capping as I go. So yeah, it's really, really cool. And one thing I really love about Munzee as well, mate, and the big shout out to Five Star, her name is, because she recently reached out to me, I came into North Carolina for the first time, Rob. I'd never been in North Carolina before, so.

Rob (01:03.968)

Seemyshell (01:20.356)
I popped through to North Carolina and of course, I'm capping as I go safely of course, on rest stops, et cetera. And she reached out, because obviously she saw me capping and she's like, you know, oh, where are you? What are you doing? This is the location she should go to. Even gave me, Rob, she even gave me restaurants to visit, or you know, places to eat, places to see, you know. So, and she co-exists as well. So she gave me both games, you know. So that was really, really cool. So yeah, shout out to Five Star. Thank you.

Rob (01:41.282)
Very nice.

Rob (01:46.839)
That's cool.

Yeah, that's great. I love to hear that. And yeah, people out on the road, there's tons of points. Yeah, it's it. That's it.

Seemyshell (01:49.632)
So he Munzi mate Munzi. Exactly. Can connecting with others connecting with others. Exactly. What about you? Mate? That's me. That's my week so far. What about you? The week that was for you.

Rob (01:59.774)

Rob (02:04.498)
So we celebrated Lou's birthday this last weekend, which was a lot of fun. We had a good time. And now on the Munzee front, I've had to get back into the swing of things and have had some new tools created for me, some things that I get to use so that I don't have to wait for developers to make big changes to the game. So I've got to.

Seemyshell (02:09.861)

Seemyshell (02:19.261)

Seemyshell (02:31.401)

Rob (02:32.07)
new options for gameplay and I haven't seen any chatter about one of them and it's new daily zops I was able to go through and rearrange some things I was nice and I freed up some reroll opportunities for non-premium players and yeah and then also put in some new stuff like for example capturing one of the glass guardians

Seemyshell (02:41.386)


Seemyshell (02:50.737)
Oh yes, yes.

Seemyshell (02:59.724)
Mm-hmm. Oh. Yep.

Rob (02:59.818)
That's a new Daily Zee Op that has come out this last week and I've already received it So I think you know some other people will see some of these new ones coming up soon

Seemyshell (03:10.021)
I have not heard any chatter either mate on the water cooler or anywhere else in regards to that so look at that and as we all know guys Rob when he gets his little fingers in something in pies then he's always he's better always asking for forgiveness than he is for permission so get in now have a look at everything you can do have a look at the website have a look at the app again have a look at every single link guys because I'm telling you if Rob's saying

Rob (03:21.186)

Seemyshell (03:36.308)
He's got his fingers in pie, just saying. Ha ha ha. Mm-hmm.

Rob (03:39.73)
Speaking of that, I also got some new options for the redeem store and I went completely crazy. That's the only word for it. I sat for about three hours. We're recording on Wednesday. On Tuesday, I spent about three hours building new options for the redeem store. When I looked back, it was 3030 redeem options. Like whoa.

Seemyshell (03:45.804)
Oh. Hey, hey, hey. I'm going. Ha ha ha.

Seemyshell (04:02.845)

Seemyshell (04:07.458)

Wow, I did see that. And a lot of people saw that in the water cooler because, and we're gonna talk about this very shortly too, with the Redeem Store facelift. It's received a facelift. And I'll be honest, facelift for the better. Probably, you know those people out there, and there are people out there as well. I have a lot of close friends that are like this as well. They're like, oh, I don't like change. Change isn't good. Well, sometimes change is good. And to be honest with you, if this Redeem Store change, it doesn't break the game at all, it enhances it. So, yes. But we'll talk about that very, very soon.

Rob (04:16.898)
Yeah. Yep.

Seemyshell (04:38.486)
Meanwhile, Rob while we're there, before we move on, happy birthday to Lou for last week. Yes, I did see on your social media that she celebrates her birthday more than just the one day. Just let's say that. Well.

Rob (04:44.546)
Well, thank you.

Rob (04:51.786)
Yeah, it was a multi-day celebration, but it was fun.

Seemyshell (04:55.452)
Although she may, if she doesn't video or do photos and she may not remember that particular birthdays that she celebrates, but anyway. I do remember something with a ball pit and her jumping into a ball pit of some sort. And yeah, yeah. Exactly. Go to LewTube, you don't know what we're talking about. Lew's got an actual YouTube channel as well as Rob, their own personal ones.

Rob (05:01.57)
Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha.

Rob (05:09.47)
It was amazing coming to her video channel soon. Maybe even mine, yeah.

Seemyshell (05:22.004)
Hers is at LouTube, L-O-U-T-U-B-E, at LouTube. So go and have a look at Lou on her LouTube channel. I think that's a great name too, Rob, just saying. And a big shout out to Lush. I know she doesn't listen to this show, but anyway, if she does, if she might, if she does, then go and let her take a listen. She'll appreciate that. Meanwhile, Rob, the week that was, last weekend, we only had two events in the USA, that's it. But the leaderboards, the leaderboards, I actually quite enjoyed. Yeah.

Rob (05:31.719)
It worked well.

Rob (05:35.917)
She might.

Rob (05:50.442)
Yeah, well, that's what happens whenever you show up on them, I guess, isn't it?

Seemyshell (05:56.556)
Exactly on Friday guys. We had a B phi 1 4 with 240,000 points Aloha cuss. That's the Hawaiian version and 169,000 points wheeling on 168,000 points and a special mention Well, I've got to do a special mention to the ninth place person on Friday. Why that was me? It was me Rob I got in ninth, but I think I don't know badges for not

Rob (06:22.682)
all no there are no badges for ninth all the way up to ninth while you're on the road you just keep on rolling and keep on moving up the board that'll be good

Seemyshell (06:28.524)
Mm. 120,000 points, Rob, because this is again, traveling 120,000 points in one day and no events to be seen. So I was very happy with that. Extremely so. Yeah.

Rob (06:38.442)
Yeah, that's very impressive. You clearly hit some populated places, which is good.

Seemyshell (06:44.889)
Yes, yes I did. Saturday Rob we had.

Rob (06:47.902)
Saturday with Skindo at 248,000, Jack Sparrow at 238,000, Jaroslav Kos at 188,000, and Aloha Kos making an appearance again at 172,000.

Seemyshell (06:59.852)
There's the brothers from another mother, they hit on third and fourth. So that's pretty cool. And meanwhile, on Sunday we had a W Helen at 380,000 points, HBRB 281,000, Skindo 259,000, Aloha Cuss 150 and Jaroslav Cuss 141,000. Very, very good. And events this weekend, Rob coming.

Rob (07:21.898)
Yes, this weekend we've got three events that are coming up in the US in Florida, Ohio and Arizona and one in the UK. At this point, all of them are less than 20 people, but I've got a feeling that several of them will grow up and over that 20 and maybe even 30, 40, who knows.

Seemyshell (07:30.11)

Seemyshell (07:33.564)

Seemyshell (07:39.272)
That'd be cool, that'd be cool. And remember, with mega events, mega events you need 50 to show up and actually cap. It's very easy to see Rob too because they have to actually cap the QR code. They don't just write their name on a log book for instance, they actually cap the QR code. So that's very, very cool. Exactly right. And also double points weekends, not one weekend in February, but every single weekend in February. That was huge news.

Rob (07:54.118)
Hey, verification. Yep.

Seemyshell (08:06.464)
for a lot of people, including my clan members as well. And they loved it. Especially my clan members in Australia who can't really get to events and stuff. They love, of course, they like the deploy points are doubled on cards, et cetera, too, for events. So every weekend, cards, temp, virtuals, flats, screenies this weekend. And then obviously, as always, check the news itself for the following weekends after that. All will also same as well in the podcast. Yeah, yeah.

Rob (08:06.763)

Rob (08:32.598)
Yep, we've got a few large events that are coming up after February. The first one is in California, March 8th and 9th. They've got 36 on the Will Attend at this point in time with actually quite a few that I'm familiar with that are also still not on that list, but I hear that they're going to be there. I saw that you were on there. I'm making some final, final plans and decisions on

Seemyshell (08:38.091)

Seemyshell (08:44.798)

Seemyshell (08:53.696)
Oh, oh, yes!

Rob (09:02.23)
what's going to be happening with me. Then later on in the month, March 30th, we've got the, uh, big co-exist event that's going on down in ACT in Australia. So, um, check that one out. And if you happen to be in that area, then you know, if you're a co-exister, why not go to both?

Seemyshell (09:04.179)

Seemyshell (09:11.829)

Seemyshell (09:17.585)

Seemyshell (09:22.64)
And I know Rob, I know Australia, my hometown country, they're having a mega event in ACT Canberra. And there's gonna be more than 50 co-exist players there. Surely, surely. So guys, seriously, if you listen to this podcast and you co-exist and you're gonna be there for the mega event as well, why not co-exist and be there and make it a mega Munzee event? The first ever Munzee mega event in the Southern Hemisphere ever. And you can be a part of it. Just make sure you get there. So that's all it is.

Rob (09:34.891)

Rob (09:48.918)

Seemyshell (09:51.9)
And then we have Minneapolis.

Rob (09:52.338)
make it yes minneapolis may 10th to 12th uh so keep that one in mind that is munzee mania it is a yearly event it has more than 50 people every year it is a suggestion if you um wanted to ever go to minnesota may is a good time to do it if you don't like snow go in may i've been there it's the it's much nicer in may

Seemyshell (09:57.169)

Seemyshell (10:04.393)

Seemyshell (10:09.656)
Mm-hmm. Oh, yes. Exactly.

Seemyshell (10:18.8)
It's a perfect time because March, April, the snow is melting a little bit there, but it's still sloshy and muddy from the snow melt. Whereas May, it sort of dries up a little bit more, which is really nice too. But Rob, a quick question for you, and this isn't on the show notes, but in May, they hold at Minneapolis, they hold several events. Normally there's three or four events. If everyone goes to every event, is that gonna be three or four megas, Rob? Yes, yes!

Rob (10:38.134)

Rob (10:42.846)
Yes, it has the potential to do what happened with us in Muncie Mecca in Florida, where we attended four Muncie or Mega events.

Seemyshell (10:51.641)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Seemyshell (10:56.652)
Mega, yeah, mega events. And it was really cool being there, Rob too, in Florida. Because here we are, everyone's capping away, capping away, and one person, like, because the way it works now, one person's always going around trying to get everyone to make sure everyone scans that QR code to get themselves the badge, whatever, because they want the 50 attendees. So yeah, that was really, really cool in Florida. And remember, if you are hosting a growing event, and we haven't noticed it yet,

Rob (11:18.999)

Seemyshell (11:26.484)
reach out to us. If you've got over 20 attendees already and then reach out to us and say, look, this may be a big event here, then we can mention them on the podcast and go from there. But Rob, we've got to talk about now the developments this week, because there is a lot. There's a lot. Go ahead, what's the first one we've got for us, Rob? Tell us the first one you got for us.

Rob (11:40.534)
There is.

Rob (11:45.718)
First thing is a big huge congratulations to a Whelan or w Helen So he he's taken over as the king of Munzee the number one player in the world that happened on the weekend of Munzee Mecca, so it's about two weeks ago now at this point in time But we wanted to get it right. So we've put out a celebratory Bouncer that is inspired by him

Seemyshell (11:50.878)

Seemyshell (12:05.194)

Seemyshell (12:14.485)

Rob (12:14.486)
and it is the bullseye. So look for those bouncers. If you cap one, then please go to that Munzee, take a picture, whether it's of you or celebration or the location or whatever it is. Or you could actually write him a note of congratulations, or you could do both because they are deployed on his account. So he will be the one who sees all of those messages.

Seemyshell (12:25.087)

Seemyshell (12:33.824)

Yes. Oh.

Right, right.

Rob (12:42.506)
So they had zero deploy points and I think they give him like one cap on point or something. So we're not boosting. Yeah. Nope. There's no boost. It's.

Seemyshell (12:48.504)
Oh, so we're not boosting him like, we're boosting his ego, not his point value. I like it, I like it. Yeah. That's cool, that's cool. But you get points if you cap it, so make sure you do cap them. So yeah, there you go. So make sure you do cap them guys, if you keep a lookout for those. Meanwhile, Rob, we're moving on now to the water cooler. I saw the water cooler last weekend.

Rob (12:55.222)
There you go. It's just a celebration. It's not a point booster for him. Yeah.

Rob (13:04.854)
Yes you do.

Seemyshell (13:14.812)
Someone said it took them $164,000 to obtain all the goodies, including the premium deals on the Redeem store. So $164,000. Since that post, everyone's been saying, oh, when's wave two coming out? I wanna see wave two, when's wave two come? Don't worry about wave two, people, until you get all of wave one like this guy has. So.

Rob (13:25.847)

Rob (13:36.926)
Yeah, I will say that there have been lots of comments from people who track the trends, you know, and they always try to pay attention to what the patterns are that we've gone by in the past. And we well, we do like to change things up from time to time, we are also creatures of habit many times. And so the prediction is that wave two would be coming out today, the day of this release, which is

Seemyshell (13:44.937)

Seemyshell (13:51.393)

Seemyshell (13:57.996)

Rob (14:06.73)
Friday. So stay tuned. Maybe after this podcast goes live, the next wave two comes out. We'll see.

Seemyshell (14:07.73)

There you go.

Seemyshell (14:15.488)
I'm still getting my secret sand dollars from submarines, Rob just saying. So there's lots of submarines on the highways and stuff. Yeah, so I'm still getting submarine sand dollars, which is pretty cool. Because there's no beaches when you go inland. There's no beach POIs. But if you need more POIs, need more sand dollars, go back to Greenies. I'm telling you, because almost one in two Greenies that I cap here.

Rob (14:20.297)
Are you?

Rob (14:24.974)
I'm impressed.

Rob (14:29.767)
No, no there are not.

Seemyshell (14:42.34)
Um, they've given me sand dollars as well. So go old school, go back to greenies and, uh, and you might get sand dollars that way too. So anyway, Rob, what else has been happening? The redeemed store.

Rob (14:46.189)

Rob (14:52.694)
Well, yeah, let's throw it back to the redeem store since Sand Dollars are in the redeem store and we kind of hinted at it a few minutes ago that we've got a fresh look for the redeem store and that I put 30 new options in on Tuesday. I also put quite a few new ones in this morning. So if you haven't looked heads up, there's a few new ones. I got bored earlier or I got excited earlier, whichever one it was. So Sam.

Seemyshell (14:57.092)
Yeah. Correct. Yeah.

Seemyshell (15:09.526)

Seemyshell (15:19.184)

Rob (15:23.066)
stuck his fingers in the redeem store as well, which is why you see an upgraded look so it doesn't look like code anymore. What it looks like now is a polished fresh look that kind of gives you the idea of if you take this and then there's an arrow and you can earn this so it says you know like one air mystery becomes

Seemyshell (15:26.718)
Yes, he did. Mmm.

Seemyshell (15:32.763)

Seemyshell (15:38.355)

Seemyshell (15:47.599)

Rob (15:51.922)
five Rover treats. That's a new one that I put in today because I saw on the water cooler, someone said, but I want Rover treats. So can we have something where you break something down and receive Rover treats? Sure. Air Rover air mystery turned into five Rover treats. Perfect. Done. Yeah.

Seemyshell (15:54.072)

Seemyshell (16:00.988)
Oh, go back. Sure. There you go. Yeah. Perfect. I do like it as well how, you know, it's either green or red. You know, it's not that hard to see if you do have enough for the redeem. It goes green. If you don't, it's red. It's a very easy visual to look through.

Rob (16:23.383)
You know what's

And do you know who it's not easy for that visual? People who are colorblind. And that was pointed out. And you know what? All of us don't think about that kind of stuff. So it was pointed out to Sam on Discord, I believe. So he actually went in and he made a couple of changes late yesterday in order to put that together so that it's easier for them to see.

Seemyshell (16:32.376)
Of course. Oh, really? Nah.


Seemyshell (16:44.859)

Rob (16:52.906)
There's like an there's like a border around the box and they've slashed out Circle showing no if you can't redeem. So yeah, so there's a couple of updates interesting, right? Yeah

Seemyshell (16:53.202)

Seemyshell (16:59.404)

That makes sense. See, see? So again, that's just another thing that Munzee does. And as I said, I'm a player first and foremost. And if you do have an issue, reach out people. And it doesn't matter what the issue is, reach out and say, look, this is my issue. This is my problem. And if it's a legitimate issue and problem like this one obviously was, look Sam's straight onto it. He's had the cuppa before the Z, but he's straight onto it, just saying.

Rob (17:28.862)
He has had the cuppa and the Z and he is on it. That is true. He's always watching. So that's good. The other thing that was new with this is the ability to trade in the virtual types. So previously you could only take credits. I'm sorry. I could only build things that were like, here's a number of credits and you can take those credits and you can turn it into virtuals or you can take the credits and turn them

Seemyshell (17:31.388)
Exactly. Yeah. I like it.

Seemyshell (17:47.498)

Seemyshell (17:51.689)

Seemyshell (17:56.704)

Rob (17:56.862)
Um, I've never been able to do the other way, um, because of limitations and how it was built long ago. So yeah, so it was rebuilt for me so that I could take it and turn. Um, one of the ones today was, uh, you can, uh, the, a new one, ready aim fire today, which was five crossbows firing into one spider bot. So you got.

Seemyshell (18:00.544)


Seemyshell (18:11.727)
Turn the Munzey world upside down.

Seemyshell (18:18.669)
Oh, yeah.

Seemyshell (18:23.514)
Oh wow, that's cool.

Rob (18:24.242)
million crossbows from a bunch of different clan wars you want to turn it into one spider bot and get more points by doing that there you go yeah

Seemyshell (18:27.729)

Seemyshell (18:32.04)
Or, or, or the other possibility, Rob, if you're saying ready, aim, fire, I'm thinking like maybe five crossbows or, you know, five or five or a mix of crossbows and what do you call it? The catapults, I can't believe it, the catapults and turn that into one blast. Oh, oh, ready, aim, fire. Yeah, see, there you go. There you go.

Rob (18:47.092)
Oh, yeah.

Rob (18:51.338)
Oh, now that's interesting. Interesting. Hadn't thought of that. Make a little note over here.

Seemyshell (19:03.121)
That may be coming in the Redeem store very soon guys for you people who love blasts. I'll be honest, I enjoy a blast when you don't have time and there's so much around. But that will, we'll get to the tip of the week Rob later on in regards to the blasts. But in the meantime, you've got some app updates as well. They're coming, yeah.

Rob (19:05.89)
That's right.

Rob (19:19.319)
Oh yeah.

Rob (19:23.175)
We do. So we're recording this Wednesday before the MHQ day starts, right? So I'm going to talk about a couple of app updates that are underway and that are coming soon. And they're coming so soon that I may talk about it right now. And it may actually happen before Friday. And

Seemyshell (19:28.128)

Yes. Yep.

Seemyshell (19:44.935)
Oh wow.

Rob (19:46.71)
So if you're listening to this Friday and beyond, and the app updates haven't come out, then that means that we've held on to them for one or the other reason they weren't quite ready, and they should be coming very soon, like not 1000 hours soon, sooner than that. Um, yeah, so one of them is a Google Maps update.

Seemyshell (19:50.164)

Seemyshell (19:57.372)

Seemyshell (20:04.38)

Seemyshell (20:08.71)

Seemyshell (20:12.768)
Oh. No, no, don't call me a greenie. No, no, I'm definitely an Apple boy. Yeah.

Rob (20:13.91)
Are you an Android user? Hmm, good, good.

Good, me either. So just checking, because the Google Maps update is going to be something that we think is gonna be more helpful for the Android users than it is for the Apple users. However, there are some Apple users that absolutely love Google Maps or they just don't like Apple Maps. And so that is what we've had in Munzee for several years now is the Apple Maps.

Seemyshell (20:32.888)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Seemyshell (20:40.364)

Seemyshell (20:43.743)

Seemyshell (20:47.188)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Rob (20:50.258)
We've made changes to the maps multiple times in the past. Google Maps, we went away from it because they changed a lot of stuff and they actually put everything behind a paywall and that is still going to be true. So they're not gonna let us use Google Maps for free. We've been beta testing it for a while so we have general idea of some of the costs that it's gonna take.

Seemyshell (21:03.543)

Seemyshell (21:09.681)
Oh what? Yeah.

Seemyshell (21:14.802)

Rob (21:16.514)
And we do not have the resources to be able to absorb all of those costs. But we want to give players the option of using it. So it's actually going to come in a in a package deal where players can purchase one month access to the Google Maps. And then you'll be able to go in and choose to use those. But it will not be forced on anyone.

Seemyshell (21:23.397)

Seemyshell (21:27.861)

Seemyshell (21:41.884)
Mm-hmm. No.

Rob (21:43.654)
This is also, this app update is also going to fix some of the people who have issues with like a blue dot dancing around or your dot may start you at zero every single time you're in the app, which is a real pain. Yeah.

Seemyshell (21:52.029)
Ah, yep, yep.

Seemyshell (21:56.304)
Right. Yes. Yeah. That's interesting. But so do they have to then pay month by month or it's as a monthly? Wow. So guys, but by my understanding, just quickly now, while you're listening to you and reading the show notes, Rob, that this is not a Munzee pay. The money does not go to Munzee at all. It goes to Google, like Google, like people, please, you know, like, wow, like they don't earn enough money as it is.

Rob (22:03.838)
Yes. Yeah. Because, yeah. Yeah.

Rob (22:17.63)
Right. Yeah. It right. We're not collecting this to fund anything other than your Google Map habit. That's all that money is coming in and it's going to be paying a monthly bill. So yeah, we've got to collect that money monthly. We're kicking this off as a as a monthly deal because we want to make sure that it works properly. We want to make sure that the funds that we're collecting are correct.

Seemyshell (22:27.369)

Seemyshell (22:32.549)

Seemyshell (22:36.46)

Seemyshell (22:41.775)

Seemyshell (22:47.336)

Rob (22:47.91)
both for the player and for us. And just make sure that it's all working well. We might, if everything looks good, then we might move on to a different pricing structure, but for now we're gonna go one month at a time. We've got another app update. If I can bounce this to the next one. Scanner update. So these may get pushed out at the same time. The scanner has been working poorly for some people and causing the app to completely crash whenever they cap physicals.

Seemyshell (22:53.739)

Seemyshell (22:59.472)
Yep. There we go. There we go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hannah. Mm-hmm.

Seemyshell (23:16.886)

Rob (23:17.158)
So we've gone through a lot of updates on the back end of the scanner and that app update should be coming out soon. It is possible they roll out at the same time. That's what we've been working on two separate teams getting it all put together. Yeah.

Seemyshell (23:20.55)

Seemyshell (23:31.325)

Yeah, yeah. Well, I know for me, Rob, that I have never had any of those when it comes to scanning, et cetera. And I do really love and appreciate the fact is that when you've got a Munze QR code under a meter box or something like that at all, and you're just literally walking past and don't wanna look too suspicious, you can turn the camera to forward-facing camera too. So both mine work, forward-facing and rear, happily, maybe because I'm an Apple, I don't know, but. I'm, you can tell I'm an Apple boy.

Rob (23:52.302)

Rob (23:57.738)

Seemyshell (24:01.368)
Awesome, awesome. So there you go, scanner updates as well. Anything else, Rob, anything else?

Rob (24:05.55)
We've got another app update that is coming soon and coming soon for this one means that we're going to begin working on it as soon as these come out. So that means, you know, it could be a couple of weeks before we get this one pushed completely out. But I do want to start spreading the word about it. We're going to be restricting the login of an account to a single phone. So we're not talking about the website. We're talking about mobile app.

Seemyshell (24:14.997)

Seemyshell (24:23.57)

Seemyshell (24:30.872)
Okay. No. Mobile app. Yep.

Rob (24:36.018)
We're going to be changing this so that one account cannot be logged in at the same time on two phones. There's a couple of reasons for it. The main one is team play. People who there might be multiple people. And we've had issues in the past with like, oh, we accidentally got banned because we didn't know and that kind of thing has happened for a long time, as you might imagine.

Seemyshell (24:43.957)

Seemyshell (24:49.044)

Seemyshell (25:01.576)
We didn't know we couldn't cheat!

Rob (25:03.686)
No, I'm right. And I try not to throw those kinds of words, obviously, on all of it. But it's, you know, there are lots of different uses for it. But a conversation back and forth with me with a couple of players actually turned into...

Seemyshell (25:09.224)
That was me. That was me. I'm a player. That was me. I'm just joking everyone

Seemyshell (25:20.107)

Rob (25:28.382)
Other apps don't allow this. Pokemon Go, for example. Other apps do not allow you to be logged into two different devices at the same time so that it cuts down on all different things that could be going wrong or could be used as loopholes. So we were like, you're right. Actually, you're right. So we've been investigating it and that one is going to be coming out soon. I will talk more about this and we will be posting about it, but this is the first time that we are

Seemyshell (25:31.785)

Seemyshell (25:37.402)

Seemyshell (25:42.556)
Mm-hmm. OK. Mm.

Seemyshell (25:53.596)
Yep. Mm-hmm.

Rob (25:58.198)
mentioning this is right now on this podcast. Yeah.

Seemyshell (25:58.74)
mentioning it fair enough. One quick question to alleviate people's worries. And again, this is this isn't on the show notes. Seriously, guys, all on the show notes says explanation by Rob. Anyway, if I'm if I'm a dad, and I've got a couple of kids, Rob, and they've got their own devices as well. You just you mentioned that my account or their account can't be on my phone. And there's the same time, but

If they've logged out of their account on their phone and they don't have it with them or their battery's flat because they've been playing games in the back seat of the car the whole time, they've logged out, I can then log in on my phone as the father, can't I? To, yes.

Rob (26:34.186)
Right. So what will happen is if an account, if, if my phone crashes, I can log in on your phone. I can, you shouldn't, because I'm not there with you. I can log in on yours. I can use it. And then once my phone is charged back up, if I log in on my own phone, it will log out of your phone.

Seemyshell (26:42.738)
Mm-hmm. Yep. No, no, no. No, no, that's right. My kids can, yeah. Yeah.

Seemyshell (26:55.069)
Yep, it'll come up. Out. Oh, so it just automatically logs out when you log into on another phone. That makes sense. So the families still can play, Rob. That's all I was more concerned about. I'm thinking to myself, you know, there are families out there that will have this issue. You know, so that's perfect. That's perfect. Yep, not a problem. That's the only question I have in regards to that. Any other updates? It's 27 minutes, Rob. Look at this. I know, I know.

Rob (27:02.427)
It... it... it will.

Rob (27:09.566)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Rob (27:15.214)
That's good. Oh, man. I know we're running out of time, but everyone just hold your ears for an extra three minutes because it's going to be worth it. Okay. Here's the good news. We're breaking this on the podcast as well. And we're pushing the button at the exact same time that this podcast is going out and live. So greenies can be capped daily.

Seemyshell (27:24.408)
Yes, exactly.

Seemyshell (27:32.104)

Seemyshell (27:38.378)

Rob (27:44.882)
Yes, you don't even know this. So greenies can be capped daily. So we're taking greenies, and we're turning them into something similar to the POI, the treehouse, the skyland. So we're doing this for quite a few reasons. We're doing this as an experiment, we're doing it as a test. It is something that might extend to other types. But

Seemyshell (27:45.149)
What? No.

Seemyshell (27:55.465)

Seemyshell (28:01.387)

Seemyshell (28:10.489)

Rob (28:11.21)
It's a trial period right now because we want to see does this have the intended outcome. One of the intended outcomes is for players in areas that don't have a ton of Munzees. Greenies are most likely one of the things that are out there. So this gives you something to go and be able to continue to play daily that kind of thing.

Seemyshell (28:13.341)

Seemyshell (28:17.706)

Seemyshell (28:26.059)

Seemyshell (28:29.663)

Seemyshell (28:35.804)
Wow. So two things I have for that Rob. Number one is, one of my clan members, he's a hard worker. So the time he does have to play Munze, he tries to get as best as he can. And he saw the new, not the ops, the clan wars coming out for February. And he's like, look at the queue rates. How many queue rates? Cause we're a level five clan. And he's like, look at the queue rate. How am I gonna get those queue rates? So do they still then attach the,

You can cap them every day. Therefore you can build your cure. It's quicker. Is that right?

Rob (29:10.582)
Hmm. What? That's so surprising. There was a plan. That's ridiculous. No, no, I can't be. It can't be that the guy who writes the clam requirements knew that the greenie free up was coming and put some ridiculous requirement out there. That's no, that's unbelievable.

Seemyshell (29:12.18)
Oh, did, did. OK, very good. And then.

Seemyshell (29:30.592)
Oh, I know, right. See, I didn't think you were that deep anyway. I didn't think, you're too busy playing your Fortnite normally. But one other thing I have, Rob, and that is obviously you can't cap your own greenies though, unless there's a bouncer on it, then you can cap the bouncer, but you can't cap your own greenies. So what I suggest for if people have greenies in the area, that they're yours, that you can't do anything with, maybe.

Rob (29:36.183)

Seemyshell (29:56.348)
reach out to someone else in your local area and say, look, I'll put a few greenies around here. You put a few greenies around there. That way then you can do your daily walks, separately do daily walks and cap your greenies as you go. There's a little tip for everyone. There you go.

Rob (30:07.254)
Yeah, I will say that what you've just said matches up with a possible extension piece of this. Yeah, so it's been discussed talking about, you know, cap your own greenie, which has a massive question mark on it. And I'm not sure what it does to gameplay. So I personally am not quite there yet.

Seemyshell (30:14.058)

Seemyshell (30:18.348)
Right, right. Yeah.

Seemyshell (30:26.152)

Seemyshell (30:30.719)

Yeah. Yes, yes. The only... Yeah.

Rob (30:35.751)
but it is a conversation that we're having right now. So we're testing this first with CAP everyday.

Seemyshell (30:42.088)
The only thing I would think about with capping your own green is if literally you are the only person in your area and you walk a path every day, but you wanted to actually play Munzee as well. Then you can place your own greenies that way and maybe cap your own greenies. That may be a possibility in the future, but anyway, in the meantime, Rob, we're 30 minutes in 31 minutes in now. This is the longest we've ever talked. Yeah. Oh, you can't, you can't, you're holding, you're holding back on me, Rob.

Rob (30:54.974)

Rob (30:59.083)

Rob (31:02.142)
I want desperately to tell you about something else that's coming soon, but I can't do it yet. I can't do it yet. So, so, so exciting, but I can't. Soon.

Seemyshell (31:10.324)
You're holding back on me. Geez. Again. All right. Let's move on the Munzee question of the week. This is from an anonymous person as well. They say with special bounces where you cap them and then you learn what type you got, or even the ones that scatter up to three, is there a predetermined what will be in that particular capture or is it random at the time of capture?

Rob (31:32.614)
Oh, that's a good question. So this would be something like the sandboxes that are out right now, where you capture it, it scatters something. So the question there, does it are they predetermined what will scatter? No, no, they are not. It is random. It's basically like a roll of the dice on the back end. Internally, the other thing that people are talking about here is when you capture one thing and it actually switches to something else. We call those cap switches.

Seemyshell (31:34.294)

Seemyshell (31:38.081)
Yes, yes.


Seemyshell (31:48.532)
Mm-hmm. Oh, it was random.

Seemyshell (31:52.426)

Seemyshell (32:00.931)
Oh, yeah.

Rob (32:03.142)
So that we switch the icon basically to what you received. The master of disguise, for example, is a cap switch. So yeah, what you receive is determined at that time, not before.

Seemyshell (32:06.152)

Seemyshell (32:09.936)
Yes, yes, yes. Also a surprise as well. Yeah.

Seemyshell (32:20.044)
Right. There you go. There you go. Very, very good answer, Rob. Look at that. Meanwhile, we move on to the Munzee tip of the week. Again, this is for an anonymous person, but this talks about blasting Rob as well at events, etc. And they say, here is another tip or trick when deploying at events from an experienced host. So they're a host member normally. I've often asked folks to not deploy non blastable virtuals in the middle of parks like

Rob (32:23.53)

Seemyshell (32:46.728)
you know, your surprise or your surprise wheels or your night vision goggles, et cetera. Especially amethyst, because they're only at the 150 radius as well. Maybe put them on major roadways nearby, but not freeways, but major roadways nearby, because they can't be blasted in a park and they may never, Rob, they may never be capped.

Rob (32:56.78)

Seemyshell (33:09.376)
So she's actually looking out for people who deploy from virtually deploy from around the world. So thank you very much for that. Miss Anonymous, well, miss or mister, no anonymous, exactly. And remember guys, if you have a question for Rob or maybe a tip of the week for yourself, message me on anything like Facebook and Instagram, even Discord, look up see my shell or even on the official Munzee app as well. So Rob.

Rob (33:16.81)
Yeah, that's a great tip. Yeah, exactly.

Seemyshell (33:35.816)
We are now 33 and a half minutes in this ends another official Munzee podcast.

Rob (33:41.614)
Thanks for joining us on this longer than usual Munzee adventure.

Seemyshell (33:46.425)
Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcasting app and join us next week, of course, for another informative episode.

Rob (33:53.978)
And remember, Munzee is more than a game, it's a worldwide community of mobile game players.

Seemyshell (33:58.656)
So keep scanning, keep discovering and keep that Munzee spirit alive. One, two, three, Rob, Munzee on. Greenies for the win. Ha ha ha.

Rob (34:03.57)
Munzee on. Oh, yeah, longer Munzee. Good times.

Seemyshell (34:15.237)
34 minutes.

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