Getting Started is Hard
Coaching For Creatives with Aura McKay
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Coaching For Creatives with Aura McKay
Getting Started is Hard
Jan 15, 2024 Season 6 Episode 4
Aura McKay

Have you ever faced a task in your freelance business and felt like you had no idea where or how to start?

Where do you start finding clients?

How do you start figuring out how to price your services?

How do you start with SEO? Getting better at Instagram? Working with an agent?

Whenever you are feeling stuck or uncertain about getting started you can try using one of these techniques.

This episode of Coaching for Creatives shares some of my best tips for getting unstuck and into action when you have no idea where or how to start.

What do you do when you can't get started?

Book a free call with me to find out your best next steps for your creative freelance business.

0:00 How Getting Started Is Hard
0:22 How Do You Actually Get Started
1:06 This Is Where I Come In
1:36 Top Tips For Getting Started
2:37 You Need To Get Into Action
3:06 Doing A Brain Dump
3:28 A Five-Minute Brain Dump
5:05 You Are No Longer Stuck
5:56 A Two Minute Action
6:28 Examples Of A Two Minute Action
6:51 Action Leads To Momentum
7:15 How To Reach Your Goals
8:43 Simplifying Your Goal
9:08 How To Clarify What Success Looks Like
9:52 Talking It Out With Someone Else
10:37 Those Are My Top Tips
10:53 Book A Call With Me