Building Your Business Confidence
Coaching For Creatives with Aura McKay
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Coaching For Creatives with Aura McKay
Building Your Business Confidence
Jan 22, 2024 Season 6 Episode 5
Aura McKay

How To Build Confidence In Business

Every freelancer I know has faced uncertainty and self-doubt. (okay, pretty much every human being I know too).

Some are uncertain about pricing. For some it's confusion around marketing. Others are full of self-doubt when it comes to sales.

For many it is some sort of imposter syndrome that comes from never really been given the training to run a freelance business and feeling like they aren't 'real professionals'.

One of the things I promise as a result of working with me is to finally be able to grow your business with confidence.

In this episode of Coaching for Creatives I share some of the tips and techniques that I use to help my clients grow their business confidence.

What do you do to feel more confident in your business?

Book a free call with me to find out your best next steps for your creative freelance business.

0:00 What Is Business Confidence
1:56 The First Thing Is Training
3:47 Building Confidence Through Community
4:40 The Benefits Of Community
6:46 Only Action Leads To Results
7:52 Confidence Through Repetition
8:56 How Do You Build Confidence