Freelancer Success Roadblocks
Coaching For Creatives with Aura McKay
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Coaching For Creatives with Aura McKay
Freelancer Success Roadblocks
May 21, 2024 Season 6 Episode 13
Aura McKay

Freelancer Success Roadblocks: What's Stopping You From Getting Ahead

In this episode of Coaching for Creatives, host Aura McKay discusses the three main obstacles that creative freelancers face in advancing their businesses: a lack of resources, skills, or support. 

✅ why creatives often know what needs to be done but struggle to execute their knowledge. 
✅ the nuances of each barrier, from tangible deficits like money and tools to intangible ones like time, energy, and confidence. 
✅ the importance of community, education, and personal growth in overcoming these hurdles
✅ identifying the specific gap—resources, skills, or support—is crucial to moving forward. 

00:00 What's Holding You Back
02:29 The Three Main Reasons You're Stuck
03:34 Deep Dive: Resources as a Roadblock
07:08 Exploring the Skills Gap
10:05 The Importance of Support
11:52 Conclusion and Next Steps

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