E+E Leader: Sustainability Unveiled

Navigating Green Conversations

February 08, 2024 Jessica Hunt Season 1 Episode 1
E+E Leader: Sustainability Unveiled
Navigating Green Conversations
E+E Leader: Sustainability Unveiled +
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Show Notes

In the first episode of "Sustainability Unveiled," Marissa Rosen, founder of Climate Social, shares her journey and insights on sustainability. Emphasizing social media's power, she encourages accountability and transparency. Reflecting on the positive shift in sustainability over the past decade, Marissa offers strategies for embracing eco-friendly practices. Beyond business, she highlights the crucial role of communities in driving change. Join the movement, contribute to the dialogue, and take steps for a more sustainable future! 

Speaker Contact Information: 
Marissa Rosen LinkedIn
Climate Social LinkedIn
Climate Social Website


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Join us next time as we continue exploring the forefront of environmental and ethical practices. Until then, stay informed, stay sustainable.

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