An Intentional Approach to Fueling Your Body with Kierston Mills
Wyoming on Wellness Podcast
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Wyoming on Wellness Podcast
An Intentional Approach to Fueling Your Body with Kierston Mills
Jun 01, 2024
Alice Burron

Every meal (including snacks) is an opportunity to make a positive, intentional choice about how you’re fueling your body. 

Today’s guest, dietician Kierston Mills, shares her gentle, attuned approach to eating and nutrition, including: Why it’s helpful to think of eating as an “ongoing practice”

  • How to notice and tune in to your personal “cues” to differentiate between hunger and other needs
  • An easy way to hit “reset” when you notice your eating habits aren’t in line with your goals 
  • Tips for creating personalized systems to support your nutritional goals
  • Important questions to ask yourself before making a major change to your diet 
  • Simple ways to integrate new eating habits into meals with your family 
  • Creative advice for picky eaters 

Show Notes:

About Alice:

Alice Burron is a health educator and the program director for Wyoming on Wellness, promoting overall health for employees on the State of Wyoming health care plan.

About Kierston:

Kierston Mills is a registered dietician with a background in strength and conditioning. Bringing together the best of both worlds, Kierston encourages her clients to integrate elements of both movement and nutrition to help them live active, fulfilling lives.