15: Diabetes Unscripted: A Journey Beyond Medication
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15: Diabetes Unscripted: A Journey Beyond Medication
Mar 05, 2024 Episode 15
Dr Jedha

The conventional medical path for diabetes treatment involves prescribing medication, but is this the only way?

‘Medication March’ kickstarts a much-needed conversation about medication for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Together we’ll take an eye-opening expedition through our 4-part Medication March series, promising to arm you with knowledge and inspire positive action that will help you achieve better health.

Throughout the series we explore the predominant attitudes around prescription drugs, shed light on the critical issues regarding medications, explore the hidden downsides of long-term medication use, and look closer at the effectiveness of diabetes medications.

We’ll engage in thought-provoking conversation that challenges the status quo and the standard medication-centric approach to diabetes treatment. And we’ll also explore whether reducing or eliminating your reliance on prescription drugs is possible, and provide actionable advice on when and how to have that conversation with your doctor.

This series is all about ensuring:

>> You realize you’re not alone in the challenges you may face with healthcare professionals and the healthcare system.

>> You have the information and knowledge about diabetes medications that you need to make informed decisions.

>> You know how to have meaningful dialogue with your doctor to foster a collaborative relationship that actually leads to better health outcomes for you.

>> You become your own best advocate and take charge of your diabetes health.

Please get involved in this conversation!

Visit Type2DiabetesTalk.com and leave your comments on any of the Medication March episodes (and it doesn't have to be during March!), or leave us a voice message or send an email with your questions and experiences.


0:00 Changing the Narrative on Diabetes Medication

5:35 Common Attitudes from Healthcare Providers

9:48 Hesitancies in Deprescribing Medications

12:16 Overprescribing Medication Practices

14:25 Feeling Unheard and Unsupported

18:38 Why This Conversation Needs To Happen

Tune in for a series that will redefine your path to wellness and transform your approach to diabetes treatment. 

Together we can make a difference!

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