17: Unspoken Truths About Prescription Medication with Suzanne Robotti
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17: Unspoken Truths About Prescription Medication with Suzanne Robotti
Mar 19, 2024 Episode 17
Dr Jedha

Discover the untold truths of medication safety as we hear from special guest Suzanne Robotti from MedShadow in this third installment of the ‘Medication March’ series.

We explore the often-hidden complexities that come with newly approved drugs and Su’s experience on an FDA advisory committee approving the drug Wogovy for diabetes. We discuss prioritizing safety and advocacy in the realm of medication. Su sheds light on a startling statistic: a considerable proportion of newly approved drugs come with concerning health warnings several years post-approval.

We delve in to address the concerning trend of overprescription and the potential toxic effects of diabetes medications. Importantly, we encourage you to take charge of your health and not shy away from probing your doctor or healthcare team about the necessity and risks of prescribed medications.

It’s up to you to be the boss of your own medicines, and we share ways in which you can do that!

This series is all about ensuring:

>> You realize you’re not alone in the challenges you may face with healthcare professionals and the healthcare system.

>> You have the information and knowledge about diabetes medications that you need to make informed decisions.

>> You know how to have meaningful dialogue with your doctor to foster a collaborative relationship that actually leads to better health outcomes for you.

>> You become your own best advocate and take charge of your diabetes health.

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2:37 Surprising Medication Facts

4:41 Federal Drug Administration Approvals

8:02 Conflicts of Interest

15:59 Medication Risks and Diabetes Reduction

20:08 Taking Charge of Your Own Health

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