The Rub: a podcast about massage therapy

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy

October 31, 2023 Corey Rivera Season 1 Episode 2
The Rub: a podcast about massage therapy
Hospital-Based Massage Therapy
Show Notes

Hospitals are bustling, often chaotic places, where the focus is primarily on healing rather than comfort. But within this challenging environment, a unique breed of healthcare providers is emerging, offering a different kind of solace - massage therapists.

In this episode, we will take you on a journey to explore the lives of massage therapists who work in hospitals. These dedicated individuals bring relief and comfort to patients during their most vulnerable moments. They offer a listening ear and a healing touch to patients who may be experiencing pain, anxiety, or uncertainty. We will uncover the stories of Joan and Sierra, two massage therapists with different experiences working in hospitals.

Join us in this episode as we explore the world of hospital-based massage therapy, where these unique healthcare workers bring comfort and solace to those in need. The journey to establish these programs is complex, but the rewards are immeasurable. If you're interested in this joyous and challenging field, there's a place for you to make a difference. If you're interested in doing this work, check out Healwell's hospital-based massage therapy education courses. 

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