The Rub: a podcast about massage therapy

Hypomania, Earworms, and Episode Delays

February 26, 2024 Heawell
The Rub: a podcast about massage therapy
Hypomania, Earworms, and Episode Delays
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Wednesday's episode will be slightly delayed due to bipolar disorder! (All is well, but productivity takes a backseat to mental health.)

I'm leaving the description the podcast AI wrote (mostly) intact because it's a great example of writing for SEO and not for purpose. 

  • My "sleep and focus wavering" does not sharpen my resolve, it mostly makes me tired and frustrated. Also my focus doesn't "waver," it hyper-fixates. 
  • California was not sunny, it hilariously rained the entire time due to the atmospheric river weather event.
  • I have no idea where the "endless cups of coffee" came from.
  • Healwell is totally down with self-care, particularly the kind that means you need to stop working right now.
  • I full intend to help "nurture your career," but not in the next 3 minutes.

AI WRITTEN DESCRIPTION: As your host, I'm opening up about my journey with bipolar disorder and how it's recently shuffled our podcast calendar. Navigating the unpredictable tides of hypomania, I've found my sleep and focus waver – but it's this very challenge that sharpens my resolve to deliver the enriching content you've come to cherish. With a candid heart, I share the strategies that help me manage my health while remaining steadfast in crafting our episodes, ensuring that our latest offering arrives imbued with the same fervor and dedication you expect.

Our latest adventure took us to a vibrant conference in sunny California, bursting with opportunities to network and exchange groundbreaking ideas over endless cups of coffee. I'm thrilled to recount this exhilarating journey and pass on pearls of wisdom that will elevate your future conference endeavors, whether you're a novice or a habitual participant. This episode is a celebration of human connection, the courage in revealing our vulnerabilities, and the importance of self-care—principles that guide us both personally and professionally. Join us for an episode that's as much a lesson in nurturing your career as it is in fostering your well-being.

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Corey Rivera:

Hello friends, traditionally, creators try to keep a certain distance from the people they create for, partly as a mental safeguard and partly because you're not listening to the rub to hear about my personal issues. However, I'm a big fan of learning in public and talking about struggles, so this short note is to tell you that this week's episode will be a bit delayed. Creating these episodes takes a lot of time and I have bipolar disorder, so it's common for me to experience hypomanic episodes in February and or March. I also have bouts in September, but the fall occurrences are less intense than the spring ones. People experience bipolar disorder symptoms in a multitude of ways, but my hypomania makes my sleep erratic, I talk very fast and I tend to hyper-focus on whatever topic my wheel mental of fortune has settled on. Practically speaking, this means I wake up between 2 and 4 am, read and think deeply about one random topic and have very loud earworms at almost all times, which can make it hard to physically hear and therefore listen to other people. In case you were Funkyt own, an Ed Sheeran variety pack, and the theme from the new True Detective season are the most frequent visitors for this go round.

Corey Rivera:

Sleep is always the trickiest part. People with bipolar disorder need sleep the same way we need water. Deficits accumulate quickly and have profound and immediate effects. When someone without bipolar disorder says they've lost a night of sleep, it's bad and we should all stop pretending it's a sign that you're the best hustler, but the sleep loss will correct itself.

Corey Rivera:

When someone with bipolar disorder says they can't sleep, it's often a red flag. Also, people with bipolar disorder often don't have good sleep pressure. This means that when we lose sleep, we don't feel more sleepy. We continue to be awake and alert. You don't need to worry about me. I've done this enough times that I know the best way for me to cope is to take my medications as prescribed, get as much sleep as my brain will allow, not make any large purchases of non-returnable items and adjust my productivity expectations. I'm really excited about the upcoming episode. We had a great time rubbing elbows at a conference in California and I'm excited to tell you about it and to talk about things that you can do for your own conferencing adventures. Thanks for your understanding and thank you for listening.

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