Justice Is Now | The Podcast

S1 E2 Charlotte Clayton Part 2

November 27, 2023 Leonie
Justice Is Now | The Podcast
S1 E2 Charlotte Clayton Part 2
Show Notes

Key points from the interview:

  • How the experience of sexual violence leads to crippling shame.
  • How, within certain comminities, there is a further risk or ostracization and shunning from the community (or at least the fear of it)
  • How much more they want to do within the crisis centre.
  • How the topic is just too uncomfortable for some people.
  • How we as a society HAVE to wake up to this epidemic.
  • Why some people minimise what happened as it is "not as bad" as what has happened to some people.
  • How some survivors wait at least 2 years before their case comes to court.
  • How anyone can be a victim of this at any time

If you have been affected by anything discussed here, or you need more information, here are a list of helpful resources to reach out to:

National Rape Crisis Helpline (open to all, male, female, non-binary...)
0808 500 2222

Trafford Rape Crisis Centre (TRC) (Manchester based but open to all)


Office Phone: 0161 968 2820

Helpline Phone: 0161 647 7559