Justice Is Now | The Podcast

S1 E7 Madeleine Black

December 27, 2023 Leonie
Justice Is Now | The Podcast
S1 E7 Madeleine Black
Show Notes

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Leonie and Madeleines outrage at the recent outrageous levels of sexual violence in the recent conflict.
  • How many layers to the trauma of these people there are.
  • Why people like Leonie and Madeleine will never stop speaking out and advocating.
  • How minimising and diluting still goes on to this day.
  • How "Global Gaslighting" is going on.
  • The indredibly important balance between self care and where your attention goes, and being informed without being overwhelmed.

If you have been affected by anything discussed here, or you need more information, here are a list of helpful resources to reach out to:

National Rape Crisis Helpline (open to all, male, female, non-binary...)
0808 500 2222

Trafford Rape Crisis Centre (TRC) (Manchester based but open to all)


Office Phone: 0161 968 2820

Helpline Phone: 0161 647 7559