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Cou Tuohey

Sales and Sisterhood is for female founders, small business owners and online service providers who don’t want to sit on the sidelines - the women who wanna burn their backup plans and blow up their businesses $$$.
Success in business takes two key things: Sales and Sisterhood.

This podcast is a place for just that.

Do you struggle to communicate your worth-it-ness?

Are you really good at what you do but sweat at the thought of “selling” yourself?

Do you want to tap into timeless strategies that drive sales and increase conversions?

Join Cou Tuohey, Sales and Communication Coach and Founder of Sunny+Flow — as she dishes the dirt on sales skills, sales psychology, communication, magnetic brand messaging and more – so that you can confidently articulate your worth, make it easy for people to say YES to your offers and stop getting rejected or ghosted by your leads.

Plus, guest visits from my sisterhood and fellow female founders killin’ it in business, so you take a leaf out of their book and make shit happen in your own life too.

Connect with Cou on Instagram for all things sales, communication and copywriting: @sunnyandflow.