Our Equestrian Life

Caroline Moore: mentor, coach, perfectionist, systematic, always positive and very passionate about horses

December 08, 2023 Dan Episode 1
Our Equestrian Life
Caroline Moore: mentor, coach, perfectionist, systematic, always positive and very passionate about horses
Show Notes

Renowned equestrian coach, Caroline Moore, offers a wealth of insights into her coaching philosophy and the profound significance of accuracy, safety, and a systematic approach to horse training. 
In our conversation, Caroline discusses her method, her inspirations, and how she skillfully employs technology to enhance her coaching. 

Finding the Winning Formula

A unique aspect of Caroline's coaching model is how she breaks down performance into manageable bits through performance profiling. This method was first introduced to her by Sir Clive Woodward, and she has adopted it, incorporating all elements - large and small - of rider and horse performance that can contribute to creating a winning formula. 

Her training focuses not on becoming a pro rider but on efficiently improving horse performance at any level. By working on rider balance, accurate riding, and finding the level of education that suits both, rider and horse, Caroline believes that one can achieve remarkable results. 

Tapping into the Power of Technology 

Recognizing the power of technology, Caroline embraces the use of video analysis and slow-motion captures during her coaching sessions. She facilitates constructive comparison studies between different riding rounds, demonstrating how time and strides can be significantly saved when the riders are kept balanced, and their ride is kept accurate. 

Maintaining Horse Welfare

In her discussions, Caroline repeatedly underscores the importance of the horse as an integral partner in the sport of eventing. She emphasizes that horse welfare should never be forgotten and that the joy of working with horses and their training should not subside. She is passionately vocal about ensuring safety and horse wellbeing and believes that drawing owners’ attention to these fine points can bring a significant shift in how the expenses of running a yard are perceived.

Coaching for the Future

Caroline is forging a path forward by initiating her own groundbreaking programs to equip riders with the knowledge needed to excel in their field. By teaching them how to balance riding and yard management successfully, she hopes to make a long-lasting impact in the world of equestrian coaching.

Beyond her substantial contributions to teaching riders, Caroline Moore has much to say about running a successful yard, maintaining horse welfare, and utilizing technological tools to enhance her coaching. Sharing her wealth of knowledge helps inspire her students and other coaches by offering a practical, systematic, and compassionate approach to the art of horse riding. 

In the end, Caroline Moore’s underlying message is clear: dedicating oneself to understanding the horse and working passionately can overcome the toughest challenges. Her dedication to her craft inspires many in the equestrian community to strive, not just for winning, but for a kind, systematic and balanced approach to their equine partners.

Resources for this episode: 

Caroline Facebbok page: https://www.facebook.com/carolinemooreeventcoach


00:00 Introduction and Guest Background
00:59 Caroline's Early Life and Introduction to Horses
02:36 Caroline's Journey into Professional Riding
03:30 Transition from Riding to Coaching
05:19 The Importance of Understanding Horses
09:52 Caroline's Coaching Philosophy and Approach
14:16 The Role of Structure and System in Training
16:01 The Importance of Experience and Learning from Others
20:30 Caroline's Book and Its Impact
25:30 Suc

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