Insatiable with Ali Shapiro, MSOD, CHHC

248. Reimagining Food and the Body: Ali’s Reflections as a 30-Year Cancer Survivor

August 04, 2022 Ali Shapiro, MS, CHHC Season 13 Episode 1
Insatiable with Ali Shapiro, MSOD, CHHC
248. Reimagining Food and the Body: Ali’s Reflections as a 30-Year Cancer Survivor
Show Notes

In this special Insatiable podcast episode, I celebrate a major milestone: 30 years as a cancer survivor. 

I’ll share how what resolved my acne, depression, IBS, infertility, and out of control eating was learning how to redefine health beyond losing weight and learning to trust in my body feeling satisfied, not sacrificing and suffering. 

And how this new orientation led to transformational health results I didn’t even know were possible. Including sustainable weight loss, a Truce with Food, and a relationship of awe and gratitude for my body. 


Ali shares:

  • Why knowing the difference between Authorities and Experts is essential for transformational results. Especially if like me, as the first generation of childhood cancer survivors, there’s very little research to go on for your own body challenges.
  • How I got out of the insanity of “I know sugar feeds on cancer” yet would binge on it during “scanxiety” season. If you struggle with health issues that are exacerbated by eating things you know you shouldn’t, this mindset shift helps.
  • How mainstream goal setting, predicated on “You are not your story! Day 1 starts today”” sabotages us exactly like "Diet starts tomorrow" and a different approach to goal setting that resolves our root-causes and works in our real lives. 
  • The root cause of my bingeing and weight loss obsession that cancer deepened but wasn’t any more destructive than diets. And a simple practice for you to get to the root of your destructive eating habits.
  • What I now believe about how weight is or isn’t related to health.


And then I answer listener questions, which include

  • What role does diet play in your life as a survivor? 
  • Have you put your cancer in the rear view mirror, or does it still occupy your thoughts?
  • Residual worries and things you have to be concerned about that others don’t?
  • How can friends be supportive? 


Mentioned in this episode:

SMART Goals: How they Sabotage Eating and Exercise Goals and What Works for Deeper Coaching Impact on August 23 at 12 pm. 
 In this workshop for Coaches, Therapists, and Other Health Professionals, we will cover:

  1. The emerging research on why eating and exercise are in a unique change category and how this changes the client goals and coaching for deep impact.
  2. The protective role of bad habits and why this understanding is essential for sustainable change (i.e. compliance), including the idea that a client has to “Tony Robbins” their way out of their bad food and health habits.
  3. Why more tools that stay on the surface aren't the answer and how an evidence-based, root-cause resolution of a client’s resistance to change creates elegant solutions so they aren't failing at one more thing
  4. “Complexity fitness” and its role in empowering clients by ending the sabotaging, all or-nothing mindset.

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