NextGen: A UNICEF Australia podcast 

Surviving a bushfire

February 12, 2024 UNICEF Australia Season 1 Episode 3
NextGen: A UNICEF Australia podcast 
Surviving a bushfire
Show Notes

In episode three, host Rae Johnston talk to Takesa Frank from episode 2, a climate activist and young Aboriginal person living on Yuin Country whose hometown was impacted by the 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfires, and Felicity Anicich from Royal Far West - a UNICEF partner working to deliver mental health support to country children. They discuss their lived experience of the bushfires, the importance of building bushfire resilience, and how Royal Far West has helped communities get back on their feet after natural disasters. 

Host: Rae Johnston, Ambassador for UNICEF Australia, TV presenter and podcaster 

Guests: Felicity Anicich from Royal Far West and climate activist Takesa Frank

Producers:  Liz Tse, Freya Conomos and Lara Robertson

Show notes:
This episode talks about lived experiences of bushfires, anxiety and mental health coping strategies.

This episode refers to the 2019/2020 bushfire season, one of the most devastating fires on record in Australia. A catastrophic 19 million hectares of land was burnt. More than 3000 homes were burnt and tens of thousands of people were displaced.

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