Unlock Your Confidence with Chellie Carlson's Transformational Styling Secrets
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Business Origin Stories for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Leaders
Unlock Your Confidence with Chellie Carlson's Transformational Styling Secrets
Jul 23, 2024
Amy Schutte

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Welcome back to the Business Origin Stories Podcast! Today’s episode is a special treat as I sit down with the fantastic Chellie Carlson, a transformational wardrobe stylist and the visionary founder of Chellie Carlson Style. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Chellie is on a mission to change her clients' lives by transforming their closets and boosting their confidence. Her signature three-step program, "The Method," takes clients from feeling just fine to absolutely magnetic in their clothes in just four weeks.

In this episode, Chellie opens up about her journey from a small-town farm girl in Missouri to becoming a sought-after stylist in Los Angeles. She shares how her love for fashion was nurtured by her mother, who created custom show outfits for her and encouraged her to express herself through clothing. Chellie’s passion for fashion led her to study the field in college and eventually move to Chicago, where she spent 20 years working for a prominent intimate apparel brand. During this time, she discovered her gift for helping women feel more confident in their bodies and clothes, sparking her desire to start her own styling business.

Chellie dives deep into the challenges she faced when leaving her comfortable corporate job to pursue her dream. She shares how playing small and staying in her comfort zone became unbearable, leading her to take a leap of faith just two weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Despite the timing, Chellie used the downtime to work on herself, her brand, and her signature service, which has since evolved and transformed the lives of countless women.

We also explore Chellie’s unique approach to styling, which goes beyond just picking out clothes. She delves into the emotional and energetic aspects of her work, helping clients uncover and release limiting beliefs about themselves and their wardrobes. By understanding their past experiences and the messages they received about clothing and self-worth, Chellie empowers her clients to step into their best selves and make confident choices.

Chellie’s process is deeply personal and transformative. She starts with an in-person edit session, where she energetically connects with her clients, learning about their lives and what's been holding them back. This session is not just about purging old clothes but about letting go of old beliefs and making space for new, empowering ones. The shopping session that follows is a dream come true, with Chellie curating a selection of clothing that aligns with the client's vision for their future self. Every detail is meticulously handled, from fit to alterations, ensuring that the client feels their absolute best.

Throughout the episode, Chellie shares touching stories of clients who have experienced profound transformations through her method. From shedding tears of joy to feeling an unprecedented level of confidence, her clients’ journeys are a testament to the power of a well-curated wardrobe.

Tune in to hear more about Chellie’s inspiring journey, her innovative styling process, and how she helps women unlock their true potential through the art of fashion. This episode is packed with wisdom, passion, and practical insights that will leave you feeling motivated to take control of your own style and confidence.

Hit that subscribe button wherever you’re listening, and remember, the stories you tell yourself are your greatest currency. Enjoy this episode with the incredible Chellie Carlson and get ready to transform your wardrobe and your life!

Find Chellie at https://www.chelliecarlson.com/ or on Instgram at

Instagram: @hudsonandco_



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