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Perinatal Mental Health

January 05, 2024 IJPM Episode 1
IJPM Podcast
Perinatal Mental Health
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In this episode we focus on Perinatal Mental Health research, the topic of our latest special themed issue. Dr Mohamed Alsaffar, Trainee Editor of the IJPM sat down with Dr Richard Duffy, guest editor of the special themed issue.

Dr Duffy is a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service at the Rotunda Hospital and Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. He is also Clinical Lecturer/Assistant Professor at University College Dublin. He has published widely in the field of perinatal mental health and human rights in mental healthcare and is the author of the book, India’s Mental Healthcare Act, 2017: Building Laws, Protecting Rights.

The special themed issue on perinatal mental health can be found here.

The IJPM is the official journal of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.

Article: Fertile ground: reproductive health consideration in mental health ward policy, 2020
Article: Pregnancy and breastfeeding in mental health policy: a narrative review, 2023
Article: Anxiety in a Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service: patient characteristics, management, and outcomes, 2023
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Organisation of Irish perinatal services
Research and the Model of Care for Specialist Perinatal Services
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Special themed issue on Perinatal Mental Health