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Midnight Moonlight

Julie Frances

Welcome to Midnight Moonlight!My name is Julie Frances, I am an illustrator, tattoo artist, and piercer where I live in Miami FL.Tattoos have long been a taboo part of (colonized) western culture. I’m really interested in lifting that veil and talking about people’s experiences with tattooing and how dramatically our relationship to tattoos have changed in recent years.I’m also super interested in topics of health and wellness so in this first season of Midnight Moonlight I’ll be sitting down with some cool people to talk about their lives, health, tattoos and how they all come together.We’re going to hear all sorts of stories from people that get tattoos, do them, and even people that are scared of them. We’ll explore how health and wellness tie into tattooing, how it’s helped people own their bodies, work through trauma, and how health and wellness has in turn begun to change the tattoo scene inside shops as well.I’ll see you in the Moonlight!

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