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Why? Episode 227- A Why? Holiday Celebration

December 19, 2022 Heidi Hedquist/ Luke Poling Season 1 Episode 227
Why? The Podcast
Why? Episode 227- A Why? Holiday Celebration
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This week, there's no guests, just us and AI representations of some of our favorite scenes from the year. For this episode we celebrate the season with some of our favorite, unique holiday music. Hopefully some of these tunes will make it onto your next playlist.

Here's the breakdown of what we played:
Santa, How Come Your Eyes are Green When Last Year They Were Blue- Louis Prima
Christmas Boogie- Spencer Horn
Winter Wonderland- Domenico Savino and his Orchestra
Christmas Polka- Jimmy Wakely with his Cowboy Band
Super Sunny Christmas- Redd Kross
Santa's Got a Sunburn- Barefoot Man
Little Drummer Boy-  Dr Norman S Wright & Dr Charles S Kendall
The Merry Christmas Polka- Dinah Shore
Auggie Wren's Christmas Story- Harvey Kitel (from "Smoke" written by Paul Auster)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Come All Ye Faithful- Jerry Fielding and his Brass Choir

Happy holidays and we'll see you next week with another great guest to wrap up the year.

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(Cont.) Why? Episode 227- A Why? Holiday Celebration