WTF!? What's The Formula Podcast

Breaking Free A Tale of Redemption and Joy

February 05, 2024 Ernest Moss Season 1 Episode 1
WTF!? What's The Formula Podcast
Breaking Free A Tale of Redemption and Joy
WTF!? What's The Formula Podcast
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Have you ever felt like life has dealt you an insurmountable hand? Our latest episode features a man who's been in the trenches of life's harshest realities, from the depths of addiction to the isolating walls of a prison cell. Our guest's story is not just a tale of survival, but a testament to the human spirit's ability to transform even when hope seems like a distant mirage. He shares heart-wrenching moments of his 12-year incarceration and battles with substance abuse, offering a raw, unfiltered look into the journey that led him to find joy and purpose against the odds.

This episode is a beacon for anyone struggling to find light in the darkness. Our guest breaks down the power of choice and challenges listeners to confront their own belief systems. With each word, he paints a vivid picture of how focus can shift from the pain to the potential of each day. His anecdotes, backed by the compelling triumphs of others who've climbed from despair to success, are a powerful reminder that no matter where you are in life, there is always a path to joy and the untapped potential that lies within each of us. Join us for an empowering conversation that promises to reshape the way you face life's battles and ignite the spark to seize joy every day.

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Speaker 1:

It's all good. I know you all like who's this new, this big old eight-headed standard up there? I know it, that's no party, he's a big old man. I don't have any. Um, actually, uh, I'm a motivational guy, inspirational guy that took 10th century. Uh, been where y'all been, been homeless, been on drugs, did 12 years with a 10th century. Am I getting anybody's attention with that? Right, yeah, 12 years. The old walls in Missouri you can word it. I've been in there for years and years. But that's nothing that I'm here to brag about. But I'm here to tell you all about it that no matter where you at, it's always opportunity and possibilities for you to move forward. I know a lot of you are. We get it that life didn't like it on you, right, life didn't happen. But here's something I'm gonna challenge you with Where's your BS? I'm not cussing at you, I never do that. What about your belief system? And you can say life done, give this to me, and that's my belief system and that's what I believe in life. Quitting on me and guess what life can do. Flip on you. You know it On all levels. You cannot control what life is doing to you. But here's my challenge can you control what's happening inside of this? They're gonna be the problem. Can you control what's happening? You can't control other people, but this right here, can you control what's happening in here? I'll show you. Let's give an example. Can you go back 20 years and something hurt you, something that happened 20 years ago? Yeah, can you also go back 10 years or 20 years and be happy about an event that happened in your life. Right, we all have that ability. Now, if you had the choice, would you choose joy or misery? Joy, joy. Okay, now you gotta hurry. Everybody say joy, everybody said joy. You would not be in misery if you had a choice. The choice is yours. You know right now you're like, wait a minute, all this stuff is happening in this and that it ain't my choice because I'm this. I'm on drugs, I'm on alcohol, I've been on all that and in the penitentiary of 18 or the 20 year sentence. So I don't want to hear all that whining about what life is doing. Yeah, it did. We're compassionate with that. But what I'm telling you is that, no matter where you are, you can find joy. Just a minute, you can go back 20 years and find it. You can also go forward a day or two and find misery on some stuff that ain't even happening, things we think about that ain't happened yet will make us miserable. So think of the ability that you've got no matter if you up under a bad eye or in the mud, wherever you act, you can still tack in the joy. Then we all agree to that. Now I'm going to ask you this what have you been focusing on? Has it been joy or has it been life? Life has it been misery? No matter if you're, I slept out of my car. Think of all the people that have been where you are right now. I name a few Steve Hart, millionaire, homeless, high-liberal, billionaire. And you needn't tell me that you ain't got no hope If you can't focus on joy. Here's a stat that might touch you Just today, in 24 hours, 166,000 people died Within one hour. 6,000 people have died today every hour. But you still live in it. You still got possibilities, and I know this Well. I have a drug problem, I have an alcohol problem. I have these problems. You're right. 66% of the United States adores prescription drugs. 66%, you are. So you ain't unique. People die every day from drugs. People die every day from suicide. People die from all type of stuff and I'm looking at all this life in the room. But are you focusing on life or are you focusing on death? Every day you wake up, you have an opportunity to do something different, especially young people.